How To Remove And Disable Autocomplete Url In Google Chrome Web Window And Macos

delete and disable the AutoComplete URL in Google Chrome web Window and macOS

Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers that brings a number of many default settings do not change, but what if you want delete and disable autofill web URL in Google Chrome

In fact, it is not unusual that present this doubt, since for some users is somewhat annoying or unnecessary. Luckily, it has a solution.

Then we detail how disable the AutoComplete URL in Google Chrome, whether the operating system is Windows as lovers macOS .

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Deleting and Disable AutoComplete URL web in Google Chrome Windows and macOS

Steps to remove and disable autofill web URL in Google Chrome

This procedure works to disable the autocomplete URL for Windows and MacOS, as long as the browser is said. First of all, we must have the Chrome started, and direct our search towards the section “ Customize and control Google Chrome ” of the same.

This is in the upper right, marked with three vertical dots. A giving clicked, will pop up a menu in which we will choose “Settings”.

This time, we will have the main window preferences, where, give the “ Google and you ” on the left side menu.


Now, on top of that paragraph, just below the name and email user, the “ Google Services and sync “, which will choose.

option positions

What you should do now is move to the bottom of the window, or until you find the “ Other Google services “, in which we are interested in the latter.

 laptop lit

The latter is called “ Autocomplete searches and URLs “, and has a slider on the right button to enable or disable the function.

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In this way, if you want to disable the AutoComplete URL in Chrome, keep the button on the left side and gray will be more than enough.

Disable suggestions URL manually

Although autocompletion mode is therefore useful in some cases, as useless in others, there are times when only need to remove a suggestion .

As it is only a particular case, completely disable the settings may not be necessary, although there want to believe that is the only way to do it. Well this is not true, in fact, it’s simple, pretty fast and it only takes use some commands from the keyboard.

Get rid of the suggestions in Windows 10

With the Chrome started, place the pointer on the URL bar , and proceed to write the words or address that you want to do without. When they appear in the options, we will use the arrow keys on the keyboard to locate and it is marked to select it, ie shaded.

Then, having it marked, it is passed to pressing together the “ Shift + Delete “, the first is identified with an arrow, the second is simply delete keys. This will get the suggestion in question no longer appears as an option when queries are written in the browser.

Google settings

The good thing about this method is that can be applied so often desirable or necessary to create , and many like it because it ensures that no one else can see this search option (sometimes represent inquiries old or new)

Delete the suggestion macOS

Now if you have any href=””> but the browser is still Google Chrome, you can also remove specific suggestions .

A the same as for any configuration or setting preferences, it is necessary to have the browser open or executed.

Then you must position the pointer cursor in the search bar and start with writing the text to the suggestions given to extend the browser.

A site seeing appear to be removed, we place the check mark, same with the keyboard arrows and shown as shading on the URL in question.

Finally, the commands “ Shift + Fn + Delete “, which would be the distinctive arrow Shift key and the Delete button function, respectively.

they are used

In this way, you will be able to remove or disable the AutoComplete URL in Chrome for that option, and the like in Windows, can be done as often as necessary without completely disable search suggestions.

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