How To Delete Or Remove The Tabs And Advertising Pages Alone Open In Google Chrome

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Today we will see how to delete or remove the tabs and advertising pages that open in Google Chrome alone . Unfortunately the internet is more common than you’d think to find programs or malicious software.

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From extensions to portable and installable programs, etc. In short if you are not careful you can end your infected computer with malware. But one of the most common and annoying are those that modify the browser.

Whether for display advertising popups, tabs open or even alone. Even some may modify or delete ads look elsewhere to supplant them by others. So you must be very careful what you download and install on your PC.

Let’s see in detail all you need to do to combat this kind of malicious software and thus able to navigate Chrome accordingly. Without any advertising page opens one nor having to deal with mysterious tabs among other even more annoying things.

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How to remove pop-ups and unwanted ads

These problems usually happen because you have installed a malicious program or malware on your computer ; you may have to some extent caused by this problem. So we will see step by step how we can fix it.

Among the things that can happen when you install malicious software on your computer are the following:


  • Ads tabs or pages that open advertising alone.
  • Chrome homepage is not what you’ve set.
  • appear unwanted toolbars.
  • Some sites have strange ads that did not have before.
  • notifications appear on malware, viruses and disinfect options.

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Check if you have malware on your computer

Chrome makes every effort to detect malicious software on your computer. You can even use the browser to check it manually. For this you must do the following:

  • The Google Chrome Browser have to click on the three vertical dots is up to the right of it.
  • opens a menu with several options, but we are interested in is « Settings «.
  • After this just go to « Advanced Settings «.
  • Then you’ll have to go to the « Revert settings and delete » press where it says « Clear Computer «.
  • After this you must choose the option « Search «.
  • If you find something strange and malicious software asks you to delete do not hesitate and press Delete. After that restart your PC.

How To Remove tabs emerging or unwanted ads

Another option may be to reset the browser settings as if you had just installed. Can try to do this and if everything works as it should, we suggest you have caution the next time you download and install software on your PC.

  • In Chrome tap on the three vertical dots found on the top right of the screen. After that go to «Settings».
  • Navigate to the option « Advanced Settings » that should be a little lower.
  • On Windows you’ll have to go to «recall settings and delete» After that press the «Reset Settings» and then again « Reset Settings «.
  • If you have Linux or Mac you should go to «Reset Settings» then « Restore original defaults settings » and again in « Reset Settings «.
  • Remember that once you restart your browser or factory reset your settings will be the same as if you had just installed. This means that the extensions have not had before, for example.
  • You can go three points right corner, then More Tools & gt; Extensions to enabling extensions one by one they really are reputable.

So easy it is to learn how to delete or remove the tabs and advertising pages that open in Google Chrome alone . You should always be very careful with anything that you install on your computer. Whether an extension for your browser or some kind of program you find yourself browsing.

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