How To Download And Install Microsoft Office On Google Chrome For Free

 install Microsoft office on google chrome

We can not rent stop one of the most complete browsers that currently exist with its extensions can add new features.

No doubt we are talking about Google Chrome, which continues to surprise us with its various services. And this time offers the opportunity to download and install Microsoft Office for free Google Chrome.

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is true that Chrome offers services like Drive, which mimic Microsoft those offered in its office suite. But perhaps not as well known as PowerPoint, Excel or Word lets you free to have this tool so online. Only you Download and install Microsoft Office to Google Chrome and see how easy it is.

We know extensions or applications that are already included in Chrome such as Gmail, YouTube, the Google search engine. But there are many others who know and nice to know how to enable extensions incognito you can see that is a very simple and quick to complete tasks.

How to download and install Microsoft Office for free Google Chrome

  you need to know Microsoft distributes your subscription, known worldwide as the Bureau and the can have on your PC without the need of an Internet connection. Perhaps one of its best attractions, but if you can not to license its products, Chrome provides an alternative.

And this is an extension that can afford to have the Office package free, but online, or if it is necessary to have an Internet connection. The only real way to know if this option that puts in your hands, you can run Google Chrome makes the decision to try the service, and then Produce your own conclusions.

Steps to   download and install Microsoft Office for free Google Chrome

The steps show you below is very simple to follow and you will have no problem to install this extension of Chrome . The first thing to do is to write to the browser   Google Web store. A show, you will be directed to the online store where you can find all the extensions and add-ons available for you.

Once there, you write in the search box of the extension of the name and it is Office Online , start looking and have several results, but you must choose the first option. To do this, you click Add to Chrome . By doing this, you get a box will appear with the question Do you want to install Office online? Then you need to click Add Extension.

extension Installation be done quickly and it will place an icon in the top bar, it will show you where the plug is. And ready in this way is installed on the extension of your browser and you can use it when you want, simply press the icon.

One important thing you should know is that you can not use your PC memory, because everything you do with your text editor, spreadsheet and presentations will be stored directly in the cloud. And every time you use to connect with the respective Microsoft account, it must of course be with Hotmail or Outlook.

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You can find some limitations if you compare with the purchase option, but the advice Office Online works very well. Just use it and verify that a certain thing is that it works very similar to the original Microsoft package. And if we conclude this tutorial showed you How to download and install Microsoft Office for free Google Chrome.

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