How To Find And Recover Deleted From Google Chrome Bookmarks

You arrive at your office and sit down, turn on your computer and you are ready to continue the investigation of the month; but the opening notes Google Chrome your brand – pages are not and much less history navigation CollaborArt are sure that we can find and recover bookmarks removed from your  . Chrome browser Finish reading this post and solve the problem faster than the technique I arrived. Just follow the steps we will show you.

How to find and recover deleted files Google Chrome Bookmarks

bookmarks or “favorites” Google Chrome

tags as called favorite, are labels that you assign to the site want to later see it again and to have at hand, in Chrome, you can personalizarlos and even put them in the sidebar .

ie shortcut for the addresses of sites you like and that the change of yellow color (blue on Android) white star in the address bar displays a small menu where the one you request to customize the name of this website (optional) and the destination folder where you prefer to keep (preferably in the bookmarks bar).

Done! You can now access this page again and even other computers and systems where Sign in with your Google Chrome browser.

” search and find” bookmarks Google Chrome

 markers being deleted or hidden in the computer

If you want to access the website that you chose yellow star just enter the settings in your Google Chrome browser. Click on “Favorites” and you all markers appear, organized into categories and folders you have chosen previously. Click and quickly you need is available.

Causes that can erase your bookmarks

The causes disappear favorites or Google Chrome bookmarks can be numerous and complex; most common are:

  • bad timing when you log in to Google Chrome on different devices.
  • Ignore Warning deletion favorite software to use cleaning and acceleration.
  • For leaving your Open in on any device with public access and someone erased.

We briefly mentioned so you can identify them and prevent them from ever avoid losing your favorite. Because We know that the process of compiling your bookmarks can lead to years, and you do not want a reoccurrence like this and you can still keep your markers can import into another browser

Collect bookmarks

Please go to the folder C: & gt; Users & gt; USERNAME & gt; AppData & gt; Local & gt; Google & gt; Chrome & gt; User Data & gt; Default & gt; local storage. There, in this folder you will find two files: bookmarks and other Bookmarks.bak (Favorites in English); in the first of all the files saved favorites and in the second “.bak” file backup of the first file is saved is saved.

Then delete the first file and the second file then make a copy and will also eliminate” .bak “name. Google Chrome and restart your favorites as new. Goodbye afraid!

 deleted find markers hidden or Google

very good, but not infallible Another thing you can do, because the previous step. In this case, we recommend you use a special free application to recover data from damaged or accidentally deleted:   Data Recovery Wizard Free to restore the innermost recesses of your hard drive, bookmarks or favorites of Google Chrome. A free application and easy to use:

  • After install it, run it and select a storage disk, start scanning
  • .

  • Then it will show all deleted files and all the hidden files, and patiently checked the discovery …
  • Click to edit and your favorite prepared to work
  • .

If in doubt, questions or suggestions we expect the return address. Share this article with your family, your friends and see you in the next article.

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