How To Repair Open Google Chrome When No Solution? Step By Step

Have you ever wondered how to fix the error codes in Google Chrome when closed only ? If you have problems with this famous web browser, we recommend you read this guide where we’ll show you How to Repair open Google Chrome when no solution? Step by step.

The browser Google Chrome

Google Chrome is arguably the most important browser today. Its success is mainly due to the interesting and extensive amount of features it provides. The use of extensions, internal applications and many other options in Chrome, do one of the best available options .

Like any other application, Google Chrome is not without faults. For this reason, you ever run into an unexpected shutdown or any other problem. However, one of the most annoying errors when the browser is not open.

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If you have problems related to the start of the Google Chrome browser , then you should read the information below will show.

 Google Chrome does not open solution

How to Repair open Google Chrome when no solution? Step

The Google Chrome browser is usually quite stable. However, it is also prone to damages that compromise proper operation. Given this, there are several measures that can be used in the vast majority of circumstances learned the problems when the browser does not open.

Close all Google Chrome browser

One of the first things you should do in the event that the Chrome browser does not work properly, it is close it completely. To do this, open the «Task Manager» , which has built a pressing settings Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

Once you perform the above combination of keys is displayed on the screen a small menu. There must select the «Task Manager» option. To do this, it will be displayed this useful tool, you just need to locate the process «Google Chrome» press the right click and choose «End Task».

Through this process, you make sure to completely close the application. All you have to do is log in again. Sometimes Google failures are momentary and learned at the end of the process tree browser.

 Multiples programs

Clear the information in the Google Chrome browser to fix

On many other occasions, the failure start Google Chrome is due to misconfigurations. This translates to installing extensions and applications that damage the stability of the browser. This case can be easily fixed to the delete   definitively settings present in our team


To complete this process, you must go to the configuration folder default browser. Can be accessed through the following address. C: \ Users \ (your username) \ AppData \ Local \ Google \ Chrome

In this space is the «User Data». All you have to do is remove it. Note that performing this action can delete the search history Google Chrome well as all configurations, extensions, applications and bookmarks of your browser.

Other aspects to consider when to repair Google Chrome will not open

The truth, in most circumstances, if the problem is Google Chrome settings related, you can erase the information stored on the computer to solve the problem. Anyway, it would be useful try other solutions .

  • Performs analysis and cleaning viruses: Malicious software is able to generate various problems in our computer and often compromises the function of Google Chrome. Given this, it is important to know if the PC has a virus the scan your computer to find possible viruses and eliminate them completely.
  • Restart your computer: may seem an obvious solution, yet this often overlooked for many and in many situations a simple restart gives the solution of the problem
  • .

  • Uninstall and reinstall the browser: in the previous case no solution has worked, you can erase and install the browser again
  • .

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