How To Increase And Decrease The Size Of A Web Page In Chrome

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Every day, thousands of people surfing the Internet to obtain information, job search, download music, chat, mail, including in order to expand their knowledge, so there are pages or websites.

There are search engines or browsers that allow you to access information that can investigate or Collect on the Web. It is therefore important to know the best 2020.


A browser can be considered software that will allow you to enter web pages, which has an interface that performs communication using a protocol called HTTP.

You can access through the documents, text, audio, video, e – mail, social networks or visit sites of your choice and even download a .

What you can be of great use to collect information on:. Bank accounts, services, events and activities to personal

On the site you will find several varieties of browsers that can be used as:. Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera and Google Chrome

One of them is you can use the Chrome browser, which is available in over 50 languages, easy to use and can be installed on different operating systems, as it has open code and you can < a href = "">actualizar to the latest version easily


It is very comfortable, safe, fast, durable and efficient. Chrome was created by Google Inc. in 2008 and has been listed as one of the fastest browsers in the world.

The name means Chrome “graphical user interface” , it gives you the ability to use the join will be completely simple, so it is best to 750 million people have used.

Its most notable features is its effectiveness, movements, incognito tabs, free and open source software, dialers speed and instantaneous, safe navigation, search bar, upgrades and updates and downloads.

Not only the Chrome browser can be a computer, but it can also be used in smartphones and tablets; and other devices that can run on different operating systems such as: Windows   Linux, Mac X, Smartphone, Android, Windows Phone, iOS.

What is a website?

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The web has its roots in the word of English origin meaning network or web. is the network that you can manage the information on the Internet or browser.

On the web, there are the creators of Web pages that execute when you use the HTML (hypertext markup language) that allows the user or user create or find information online.

The researchers of the CERN European Particle Physics Laboratory has created a program called World Wide Web in 1991.

World Wide Web is a system that allowed the use of Internet protocols allowing users may store information in different formats.

Web are digital or electronic pages with important information and timely on various topics on your computer connected to the Internet.

These pages can consult both you and other people in the world with total freedom, but you can see there are some pages to enter must have a permit.

The pages or sites are dynamic because they have video, audio, animation, text and links to other related pages and can entertain.

To access these pages from your computer or mobile should have an efficient browser like Google Chrome is that it is effective and quick to join them.

How to increase and decrease the size of a web page in Chrome?

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Learn how to move this in a simple size in the Internet browser used. There are two simple steps that yield many benefits.

Step 1

On your computer Internet access and locate the Chrome where you can identify the options you will use. Once in Chrome, click on the top corner, then click more and then click on “Settings” on the right.

Step 2

Click then apparently there are options where you can Change font size and items to customize, adapt to the size you want.

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