Limiting Speed Download Google Chrome – Easy And Fast

When we surf the internet and entered on a page any one of the possibilities that exist in our visit, is that we can download a file either . These discharges may have a rate depending largely containing weight. But what if we could speed limit that is why in the following article we will show how to limit the download speed in Google Chrome, easy and fast.

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This is possible to do by download managers, who specialize in this, but also we can make it through the console developer Google Chrome .   With it we can make a lot of adjustments to the web   for debugging, as well as the use of various tools found in the Network.

Google Chrome has been expanded and enhanced services offered to its customers and allows you to cover a large area. So if a user needs something, this platform shows you a way to find it without leaving your browser. This is the case of extensions and now you can activate the new menu offering Google Chrome .

How to limit the speed of download Google Chrome

You will realize that & nbsp limit; speed download Google Chrome is very easy to do through the use dela console developers.

And to do this, not will go to any website, yes us to go to download a file. And while it will press on the F12 key of the keyboard and thus open the console of developers.

You can also access this console, if you position yourself somewhere blank page and you right-click. Then the menu options that appear to you, you must choose Inspect and ready. This console   will appear on the right side of the screen and see that consists of several tabs which we will choose Network.

Steps to   limit the speed of download Google Chrome

In doing this, we will have access to the network tools then you must click on the Online option. Here are several options will be displayed that are already configured as 3G Fast, Slow 3G, Offline. &Nbsp; If we select the Slow 3G option, this will allow the download limit is like offering this type of connection or of low speed.

We can if   so we use these preset profiles, but we will find accounts that will not be useful to limit the download. So we can use other options that we offer the platform to limit   speed. Then we will create a profile that contains the download speed of our choice.

To do this, in the same drop-down menus where the preset profiles , we will see the Add option. Let’s do click on it to create our new profile that will limit download speed. Now we have a new window on the left side contains several options, choose Throtting them.

Then we turn to the right and begin to Add Custom Profile option where we will click   and new fields will be filled.

Here we will place the name, download speed, that is the limit, also can put a limit on the ascent, descent and latency. Once these values, we will click the Add option.

In this way we have created the new profile containing the limit download speed Google Chrome . Now every time we get into this Online section, we can see that has been successfully added the new profile and can choose when they see fit.

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Now you can make downloading which this profile desired file selected, but it is important to keep this open console. Thus we come to the end of this article interesting, where we show you the simple steps to take for download speed limit in Google Chrome .

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