Managing Mobile Devices From Google Chrome Easily

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One of the main objectives of the technology is that all devices mobile hold direct communication between them, which is established without any wires involved, however, are not always as easy as it sounds.

Remote access is in accordance with a special technology that can control various devices remotely, as usual this action can usually do without any cables; because the devices are connected via Wi-Fi or by Bluetooth through a LAN connection.

Remote access is a practical tool that can find in this technological world; with it, you can manage multiple computer networks or even some mobile devices without having to drive physically estarlos.

Also, it works in the case of some devices mobile everything is a matter of assessing the possibilities that each device. In this post, do you give the keys of several that will be basic with which you can Manage various devices phones Chrome.

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One of the best applications you can find for this task is AirDroid, with which you can have total control of your mobile device Android in the comfort of your web browser.

AirDroid is one of the best known solutions in this task because it has easy installation that does not require larger configurations.

In addition, this is an application that offers its users a number of Features , which are completely free, however, some of its special features; if you need a special subscription, which can be purchased at the Application Information section itself is made.

To properly use should start to install the application in your Device mobile, then proceed to creating your user account, which is also free.

Once installed, you simply proceed to open the online version of the application, which page will ask you to log in with the username and password you created previously so. Once this is done, and can access your mobile device without the need for internet or cable.


is the main competition AirDroid , since the proposal of this application is a simple and compact design, which makes the interface can handle without any problem.

In addition, its installation and use are complete and simple, since the application has small tutorials that can learn to use without any problems. Still in its attractions, we highlight the fact that the application shows you in real time, the screen of your device Android .

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A proposal has attracted attention in recent times, despite an unsightly as careful as sought with other applications, but nevertheless, is recognized as one of the most effective on the market.

However, we know that this application works by subscription and therefore a payment due to you before use the application, however, the chance to try it for a month for free so that you can know a little.

PAW Server

If you are interested in Access for the content that is in your Android for remote access, this is the app for you. Although its performance is not as sophisticated as we presented in this position, it is an excellent choice; If what you need is simplicity and safety in everything we do.

Its use is no different than the applications described above -, however, is much simpler because once downloaded Application   it gives you a URL , with which you can I access all the content that is in the device remotely.

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