Disabling Or Blocking Pop-Ups In Google Pop Chrome

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Today we will see Disable or Block Pop-Ups Pop-in Google Chrome . Pop-ups are usually annoying when using your Chrome browser.

Generally it is set to block these pop-ups by default. However, many times, these windows may still appear.

How to Disable or Block Pop-Ups Pop-in Google Chrome

How to Block Pop-Pop-Ups easily

You can check that the lock function that has default browser is active in advanced configurations. This option is selected from the pop-up window that appears when we click at the top of the screen: Settings & gt; Advanced Settings & gt; Privacy and security.

From there, we will select by clicking Settings website , then Pop-ups and redirections , and you can finally confirm that is on choosing the options ” Allowed or Blocked “.

If you want to achieve, is that your block browser all pop-ups that deploy different places where you browse, just select the option selected by default, which is blocked (recommended).

 manage exceptions in chrome

If instead what you want is just block a particular web site only have to add the URL of that page, accessing it and copying the link, paste it later in this option.

Another option you can use, is Manage exceptions . It is a good alternative when only allow you want windows deploy emerging from certain websites in particular .

This can make heading to the Manage Exceptions option, where we will allow us to copy and peguemos URL of the page to which you are going to allow this option.

To block ads, there are some very useful extensions. Among which are “Adblock” “Adblock Plus “ and” Ublock. ” These extensions are the most efficient and best known.

These extensions are based on a compiled generator ad domains list. Do not limit or monitor your activity, allowing you can navigate safely .

If for some reason your ad blocker is filtering content you wanted to see, you only have to add the website manually whitelist.

 settings locked pages facebook

How to check that windows are blocked pop-ups

Finally, what we must do is confirm that the changes we have made are saved correctly. To do this, what we will do is the following:

Use Poputest . This page, which makes it perform a series of tests to confirm that indeed your browser does not have pop-ups active, except those that have permitted exceptions when you set up your browser.

It is an excellent tool that we can use so online, fast and easy to use. Poputest is based on a series of tests divided into two groups.

For one, it performs the common tests and on the other, performs tests to verify how good our anti pop-ups system. You should not see any pop-up window to make it a successful test.

In Google Chrome, you can see that indicates that a popup window has been blocked by a small white I box at the top of your browser.

If you click on this box, you can see in detail, pop-ups that have been blocked , if you want that if any of them are deployed in specific.

In addition to the tool used to form online, there are dozens of applications that can be downloaded from Web Store to your computer. Most are free.

We hope this tutorial on how to disable or block pop-ups Pop-Ups in Google Chrome You has been very useful.

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