How To Organize And Save All Tabs In Google Chrome Bookmark Folder

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Google is a great company that owns multiple Internet-related, vital for electronic devices using our services and products. One of them is your browser Google Chrome that offers different ins and extensions you can improve the frequent use of the websites you visit.

One of these amazing options are bookmarks great this browser, allowing you to manage the pages you visit to have a better order. Have you ever wondered how organize and store all tabs in Google Chrome bookmark folder? In this post we brought you the solution.

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How to Organize and Save All Eyelashes Google Chrome bookmark folder

How can I make a tab remains as a marker?

The markers are a staple in any web browser, thanks to them improves the way you ride, to make it the fastest. To organize all these folders you need to have Google Chrome is determined as the main browser, so you have organized the sites you visit.


Then How do I organize bookmarks tabs Here you will read a series of steps:

  1. You must open the browser Google Chrome .
  2. To convert a tab marker, just to go to the top right of the screen and there you will see in the search bar, a “Estrellita”.
  3. A pressing the star will indicate if you want to rename the marker tab or leave it the same.
  4. Then click on the option “Folder” and save the bookmark in the folder you want, then click on “Ready”.
  5. You can always press the star on the tabs you want because this option is default in the search bar of the browser Google Chrome .

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    add Bookmark

    How organize folders Google Chrome bookmarks to have more order?

    Now that you know how to keep tabs on Google Chrome bookmark folder , we will teach you how to organize this folder. It is important that you first know that this bookmarks folder can contain sub-folders you want and have all your favorite sites organized by category.

    1. Locate the bookmarks bar, which is the same bookmarks bar underneath the search bar.
    2. A press being there in the right click of the mouse and select the option that says “Add new folder”.
    3. Place the name you want to the folder.
    4. Done! Now when you go to add a tab to bookmarks, you just have to select the folder you created.
    5. If there are sites that do not have included in a folder, you only have to enter the “Favorites Manager” and select each site and drag them to the desired folder .
    6. favorite folders google

      Note that you can create folders as needed and you can also put a name to identify it, ie, create the categories you prefer . Also if you want to keep some of these tabs you’ve saved bookmark folders, you can find the option that says “Other bookmarks” .

      How could you read convert tabs markers is very easy, just follow these simple steps.

      Why should I organize tabs in Google Chrome bookmarks?

      This option markers will improve the order in which you use the Google Chrome browser , since having organized these tabs will make surfing faster. This is great because you can organize your favorite pages in a single folder, such as social networks, the bank pages, etc. can also synchronize bookmarks from Google Chrome computers and mobile.

      With this useful tool these tabs markers are no longer accrue, rather with simple steps that you can create folders indicate as many times as necessary.

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      We hope that the information in this post has helped you organize and store all Google Chrome tabs on the bookmark folder . We invite you to visit our blog where you will find much more info to help you answer your questions about Google Chrome.

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