How To Place Markers On The Side Of Google Chrome Easily

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versions of Google Chrome we offer many services and features we have repeatedly surprised to see everything it offers its users. Among these features is the use of markers, which are no more than shortcuts so that when you close the web can then open them quickly and easily. Knows how to put these markers on the side of Google Chrome.

How do I create bookmarks?

  • By clicking star icon , which is next to the address bar.
  • Can colócale name this page and save it in a folder (if you will), it will be stored in a more orderly.

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Why bookmarks Google Chrome are used?

Con ellos puedes enter from manera rápida a tus páginas web favoritas are weary that visitas con mayor frecuencia, así evitarías Contratiempos al tener que buscarlas de nuevo en el motor de Research. Or sauvegardez.y need the book page to browse at another time and if you accidentally delete recover your markers easily.

How you can enable Google Chrome bookmarks?

Chrome allows activation and organization of the markers in two ways: For Start menu , which activates the horizontal bar just below the search box or Address bar; being one of the forms used by users and that Chrome default, markers are useful because you can organize and store all tabs.

Another option to activate and organize bookmarks is by Chrome extensions in them is the markers on the side vertically, which will be discussed below.

How to set bookmarks bar in Google Chrome?

Open the page, click on the Customize and control Google Chrome the three-point that appear on the top right.

  • display a menu, press Settings .
  • Go to block Appearance , go – there Show Bookmarks Bar , give a click or slide the switch on the right side of this form will be the activation of the bookmarks bar.

How to place markers on the side of Google Chrome?

You should take extra time because this alternative as you’ve mentioned, are in one of the extensions of Google Chrome, which are one of the useful many free applications online web store and are clean customize your favorite and follow these simple steps.

 markers google lateral extensions

  • Go to the Start menu and click the Chrome icon Chrome Web Store .
  • Once the Chrome Web Store window in your browser wrote: markers box or Bookmark Sidebar
  • .

  • Here you press the Add to Chrome and you install this extension automatically drop a pipe is installed on the side of the screen. Then the system will ask you some parameters, such as where you want to show your hand, if the right or left screen. We also ask how you want to open your hand, just follow the steps.

How to use the lateral marker?

  • Open the lack of dial up the mouse cursor to the browser’s left edge for deployment side site once there, click on the icon of the bookmark.
  • page appears that you just marked, there is a number of available Settings that will greatly facilitate the organization of your brand – pages, sorted alphabetically or according to the sites you recently registered.
  • can

  • Then edit as you like your bookmarks, for example by changing the URL name to define a shorter name, add folders and subfolders , to place them agreements and name of the archive your favorite pages.
  • Another interesting aspect of this extension is that it will reach a large number of customization , including adding a color to each marker to identify.
  • You could explore more options by taking advantage of your Interface , which is very easy to use and familiar.

Organize better, increase your productivity when browsing our post on how to place markers on the side of Google Chrome easily.

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