Protecting The Google Chrome Browser Blocking Access With A Password -With Extension

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Undoubtedly, browsers play a fundamental role in our daily lives, allowing us to navigate through different websites. And every day there are browsers more secure and private Internet. But, you may acquire multiple information or personal data.

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Protecting the Google Chrome Browser Blocking access with a password -With Extension

Therefore, is important to protect our privacy and to achieve this, the best means are passwords. Thus, we maintain any data protected and no one will have access to certain sites. It is also possible to block or restrict access to one or several web page.

This time, we teach Google Chrome browser protect blocking access with a password . Similarly, it should be noted that to achieve this goal, an extension, called PassBrow will be used.

Protect the browser Google Chrome password

Normally Google Chrome is the most used browser. Because it has incredible speed, useful tools and a simple interface. However, it is sometimes important to protect our privacy, especially when we use a shared computer.

To protect your privacy and data that are stored when we surf on the web, it makes sense to use a password that does not allow access to a particular site.

However, Google Chrome does not have a function or own extension , which allows block access. So, for this reason, we must resort to an extension that allows us to do so. So easy, effective and fast.

Therefore, one of the best extensions for Google Chrome browser protect is PassBrow, which offers excellent service and its interface is simple. just have to download and install the extension directly from the Web Store .

Similarly, you may be prompted for the data you use to protect the browser , such as name, email and an alternative question to use if you forget the password.

It is recommended that the answer to that question only you know her and make it something easy to remember but impossible to guess. Because otherwise anyone could access your browser.

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How to protect Google Chrome password using PassBrow?

This extension has as main objective, to protect our privacy and it is best that this version is available for both your computer and your smartphone. So, you can block access to Google Chrome wherever you want.

The pair use this extension procedure is easy, as is very intuitive . However, it is important to note that then download and install it, proceed to add data to block your browser Google Chrome.

 extension set passbrow

Once you’ve added data security, such as your name, email and security question, These will be stored in an encrypted file as passbrow .

authenticator passbrow

Once you have completed the process, whenever you try to access your browser Google Chrome , immediately pop a window appears asking for the password to access the browser.

On the other hand, it is important to note that if not block incognito mode, can normally access the browser. Since this extension works separately. However, incognito will not run the risk of someone seeing your history.

It is also important to note that the PassBrow extension is available for Android, therefore, can also be used with Android devices without any problems.

If you are someone who like to surf them incognito, to avoid leaving traces in the history of unnecessary things, I invite you to enable extensions in incognito mode in Google Chrome so you can make use of this great extension.

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Finally, we hope this post has helped him help. However, we like to know your opinion consider useful to protect your Google Chrome browser password? Do you know another extension that allows password protect your browser? Have you used PassBrow? Leave your answers in the comments.

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