Remove Viruses From Google-Using Antivirus Or Activate Google Chrome

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It is no secret that one of the most important factors that users have in mind when surfing the internet is the Security . Always keep a good antivirus so that we Safeguard the malware , but I assure you not know that Google Chrome pose its own antivirus.

Delete Google Virus -How to Use Anti-Virus or Activate Google Chrome

It is for this sense that we introduce a tutorial that will let you know as remove viruses from Google, how to use or activate antivirus Google Chrome.

Yes, and you hear some time this browser has its own antivirus for all users who use this browser can feel safer when doing your searches. In the next article we will show you how you can remove viruses Google, how to use or activate antivirus Google Chrome.

But it is important to stress, that can only use this magnificent tool users who use the browser on computers having Windows. What does this mean, simple, that users who have their operating system other computers unfortunately not have access to this feature and are using Google Chrome.

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Delete Google virus, how to use or activate antivirus Google Chrome

But if you’re fortunately the millions who use operating system Windows , you can make use of this tool when navigating with Google Chrome . So this way you can know if your browser has an infection and is therefore not work at the speed it should.

Well to start and learn to remove viruses from Google, how to use or activate antivirus Google Chrome . For that we will lead our Google Chrome browser to initiate a search. Then we will write in the address bar the following instruction chrome: // settings/cleanup

This address will take you to the Settings Cleaning , it will display a page with the following option Cleaning computer. And also it offers the following function Find software damaging it also offers this information. “Chrome can find malicious software on your computer and delete it.”

A the right side of this information can find the option Search, but before you clip this option. You can see that you can activate the option to send detailed information to Google. We recommend disable this option because it will not generate any advantage and then you do clip Search.

Using configuration page cleaners enabled antivirus Google

will scan and show you information Looking for malicious software , this may take a few minutes. So it may take a while before handing the information you need. Remember that this is a supplement to help you keep your browser virus free.

But this in no time will replace the have antivirus installed on your computer and for any reason you should not remove it. Ok, after the search will display a report appear indicating whether or not found any malicious software. And so you know if your browser is clean or on the other hand it is infected.

This very simple and easy to use so you can work with this Google Chrome that will let you know what the current status of your browser. With regard to infection with harmful and some software that does not allow the browser to function optimally and efficiently.

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And so you learn to use a feature of the Google Chrome browser very important for the safety of all users when conducting their searches. And with this tutorial you hear about the steps you must follow to remove viruses from Google, how to use or activate antivirus Google Chrome.

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