How To Save Or Reduce Consumption Of Ram In Google Chrome Using Onetab

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Today we will see how to save or reduce consumption of RAM with OneTab in Google Chrome . It is no news that Chrome can consume too much RAM your computer. Luckily, there are tricks Chrome to reduce consumption of RAM .

We’re going to talk about a href=”″> OneTab for you can help save a remarkable amount of RAM . Although we will also give a few tips and tricks for better overall consumption of the browser in question.

How to reduce consumption of RAM with OneTab in Chrome

With the OneTab extension (which is also available in Firefox) you can save up to 95% RAM . Also, you get to have the tabs more organized.

How does it work? In fact, too easily. All you have to do is press the icon OneTab when you have many tabs open. What this does is save in the cache and turn them into a list on a single tab. When you want to access one of these sites simply press where you want to open.

You can also restore all tabs instantly and there is no need to reload that are stored in the cache. A getting to have a reduced number of tabs RAM you use in Chrome will be reduced considerably and have access to them at any time.

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How to save resources in Google Chrome

Similarly there are other methods for save resources in Chrome without extensions. Although a clever combination of the advice we give you in this article can make a noticeable difference.

Beware extensions, the more the worse

Basically the more you have installed extensions will consume more resources Chrome . You must be very careful in this regard because although extensions can be extremely useful. We should note that the more installed more RAM consume.

In addition, some extensions (depending on which compliance function) can consume more than others. So you must take into account this detail. The less Google Chrome extensions activate , you consume fewer resources.

Keep updated browser

Generally Chrome updates itself. However, sometimes not more fixed if we have the latest version installed. Keeping updated browser is essential because not only bugs/errors are corrected. But also it is optimized to run faster while consuming less resources.

To check if you have any pending update all you have to do is click on the three vertical dots found on the top right of the browser. After that go to “Help” and “ About Chrome ” You can see what version you have.

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Clear the cache every so often

Many people do not attach importance to maintaining clean the cache of the browser. Too often we visited websites that may not return to frequent. These sites remain stored in the cache in case we return to visit them to load quickly.

However, the files are coming together become residual waste in a nutshell. That is why it is highly recommended to clear the cache every so often How often? This will depend on the number of hours you use your computer. If these all day browsing different websites, every 3-4 days would be ideal .

To clear the cache you have to do is go to the top right screen and press on the three vertical buttons.

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opens a new menu with different options. Click on “More tools” and then “Clear browsing data”. You can also press Ctrl + Shift + Delete .

At the top you can choose from when you want to clear the cache. It would be advisable “ From the beginning of time ” meaning since you’re using Chrome. You should check all the boxes to take effect on performance.

Not for nothing complicated to learn how to save or reduce consumption of RAM in Google Chrome using OneTab . However, keep in mind that OneTab as the only tool to reduce consumption of RAM will not be 100% effective.

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