Viewing Web Pages That Are Stored In The Cache Of Chrome

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With the passage of time, the Programs and software in general have evolved to meet the needs of each user.

Each Developer took the time to make every experience a most successful program possible, and that take advantage of a variety of standard features that are in these programs are the cover of the most common and most used to facilitate the experience.

When we talk cache we hear a cache is essentially a place where they go to various save requests to a program and several files have been loaded previously, so that whenever the user back to enter a particular location of the program or software that can load any faster.

And, in fact, is something extremely useful to . The fact that we’re on the same page is much simpler and faster every day thanks to the data stored in the

Cache .

In addition, if you have Chrome as the default browser, use the cache on a daily basis. But what happens when you want to access the cache?

often ended up in a position where we review what is what is stored inside or delete or manage form cache.

Chrome , each cache is stored in our computers, so if you use Windows, you can follow this tutorial to see all web pages and other content in the Chrome cache.

 Google Chrome Options

The cache Google Chrome

Each time you visit a page in your Browser , many files are stored in the cache it. Whether multimedia objects or some kind of information registered written in the cache, you can see a lot of information about the pages you have visited, and can often reach to delete.

In fact, this can become a tool very useful, because in – beyond functioning as a history, helps us to summarize everything we have seen or visited with more certainty.

In addition, to manage our cache can be very beneficial. The fact that we want something erasure in particular that we would not be useful can help the overall performance of the team, so it does not hurt to consider the possibility of entering the cache of your browser and manage and see what’s there. For this, you can continue reading below.

 delete Chrome data

How to Chrome cache?

See the Chrome cache, which is stored directly on your computer, it is very easy to do. Really all you need to do is follow a few directories and should look at everything you need to see.

But to see these files should make them visible, as most are hidden for safety. So if you want to see the Chrome cache, just follow the next step:

  • First you have to go early. Here, you must place yourself in the Control Panel and enter.
  • Now you must enter the option that says ” appearance and Personalization”. Here you will see many different options, but you must click on the tab “ Folder Options “.
  • Among the options you have on the screen, the position you on the “ Vista ” and then click “ Advanced Settings “.
  • Then just enter the option that says “M hidden files and folders trate ” and accepted. Now the files and folders that have been hidden will be visible throughout the computer.
  • Now, to get into the cache of Chrome, you’ll need to enter the house again, and click “ Team “.
  • Once inside, you must click on the main hard drive or are the administrator. Here you will see the folder “user” and open the folder with your username.
  • Then just follow the “\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache “. Once there, you will see all the cache of your Chrome browser.

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