How To Configure And Print From The Google Chrome Browser A Website-Very Easy

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Google brings you by launching one of your best alternatives and services , which is the Chrome 13 and a very attractive feature for many, and is Preview sight; and often yearn to print a lie text sail in the web, but the web address or date or some extra upper or lower text is not displayed.

For these reasons Chrome brings screen preview with print to automatically selecting the Print option; this way can configure your web page printing; you will achieve choose which pages to print, select a new printer, color printing and the page orientation. All this and more we explain in this post.

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How to set up and print from the browser Google Chrome one Page web -Very Easy

Set up Google Cloud Print

your printer is ready to print from your phone or computer , you must first configure the Google Cloud Print . If your printer is not ready to print from the cloud, either because you’ve never configured or some other reason, you can configure it as follows:

Turn the printer; on your computer with Windows open Chrome ; then click the 3 points that are located on the top right and select settings This will direct you to a tab, at this late in the selected lower settings .

Then in Print click Google Cloud Print and select Manage Devices in Cloud Print at this point can select the printer you want to connect and you click on Add printer . NOTE: Google will surely be asked to enter your account to complete these steps


 cloud print

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This way your printer is associated with Google account and Google Cloud Print. This will allow you to print from any device you have associated with your Google account affiliated with the printer to your account.

Print from the Google Chrome browser a website

The first step to print a website is get the item ; then at the top of your browser Google Chrome in the bar of the browser or better known as the menu of the browser, to the side of this you will find three points, you click on them and select Print . This way will show the preview of the text you want to print.

Before going to select a destination option, which would be the printer, you click on change and the left hand will show the print settings; as the number of pages, the print design , if you want vertical or horizontal, color printing, etc.

We also find the paper size you want to place margins. After you make all configurations das print and click presto!

 page to print

Printer Sharing

This step is optional. If you want to Share your printer with friends or family that have a Google account so they can print to your printer, follow these steps. First, in your browser Google Chrome log in to your account, then go to Cloud Print printers; here see a list of printers; then select your printer and click share.

Then settings shared resources , enter the address of the Gmail of the person with whom you share your printer, then click share . Google Cloud Print will immediately send an email to the person who added; when she accepts your printer and the option will be enabled so you can print there, Chrome .

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Now that you know this new tool that brings Chrome, you can print a web page drop-down lists successfully removed the navigation menu and additional information to the content you want to appear. So you can start using it very easily.

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