How I Can Take Notes In Google Chrome To The Surf Internet

 take notes for work with google chrome

The Internet has become one of the venues for all types of information. Sometimes we need a tool to help us make notes of what we found. Thinking about this, you can now take notes in Chrome for surfing.

You will be able to note the contact information, an important link, a specific point in a text, organize tasks that we will perform, among others, they need not. Some prefer store , but this is not recommended.

The best then it will be safe and suitable for use when we’re on Google Chrome and using nbsp; we can take information notes. What do not forget things so that later we will need . There are several ways to copy these notes and we know what’s important, then we will tell you what you can do.

Applications and extensions to take notes in Chrome

There are many extensions that can be installed easily on Google Chrome . These make our walk through the web becomes more comfortable. Here is brief information on used Note:

 take notes with the phone in google chrome

Sticky Notes

Notes Post – it is one of the most popular extensions, is very useful;   He spent many years in helping us take notes while browsing and makes it very simple. Since its official website, we can add the extension to the browser Chrome . We will see an icon in the toolbar for posarnos and click Open on a sheet to write what you want.

In addition, we can customize as it gives us the opportunity to choose the kind of letters that we use, size, change the background color of the sheet. We will also move the TXT as text notes or put it in a separate window. Is it a fairly versatile tool for take notes while surfing the Internet in our browser Google Chrome.

Notes tab for notes in Google Chrome

Note Tab is an extension that can acquire free of charge by going to the Chrome Web Store to add it to your browser. We have notes on every tab you have open, have on hand lest we forget or notice important things.

We can save more than one note and use quickly. It is not necessary to have permits or accounts and is a tool that offers privacy.

From around the Google Chrome browser, we can manage and open notes. A AutoSave that is activated during the time we write about it. The option offered to change us to provide “black mode” it is a useful extension and attentive to the needs of its users.

Chrome Keep

On the way to Chrome Web Store find Google Keep a wink to create and record audio notes or text to surf the web,   with a single click. Among the functions provided by this extension, it is to save text, links pages, images. About content recorded create notes, add tags on them, while automatically keeping in Keep.

It has excellent sync with what we recorded other platforms we use, whether on the web, iOS or Android Wear.

 take notes in google chrome work

Other supplements helpful to take notes in Chrome

OneNote Web Clipper, is an extension proposed by the same Microsoft, is a browser complement Chrome, with which we are able to do different tasks. Store, sync and share all types of notes you.

In addition to the documents PDF , images, videos or other important information you want to have on hand for consultation.

We also have Web Clipper Evernote, OneNote Web Clipper, Paper, Notes Notty and other add-ons that do a good job when you want to take notes.

With the help of one of these applications or extensions can take notes Google Chrome to the Internet. Certainly, you will be very useful to better organize and perform all the tasks you do on the web. Share that information. We would also like to hear your comments on what you read in this post.

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