How To Translate Or Change The Language To A Website In Google Chrome

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Internet is vast and often the information we seek is not in our language. That’s why it becomes essential to learn how to translate or change the language to a website in Google Chrome , this is something we will see in detail below.

How to translate or change the language to a web Page in Google Chrome

Many sites are in English, for example. They handle a lot of information that can not be found in Spanish. If we compare the number of websites that exist in English versus those that have been created in Spanish. The major difference.

Therefore, it is quite normal that every so often we do not find certain information we need in our language; but if in English or any other language. In those cases best is to translate the website to navigate smoothly or change the language of the browser to get the that we need.

So what we will see a little further down is how to translate the language of any website in Chrome in a simple way. Because with just few clicks can pass any website in English Spanish , for example. Although translating from one language to another with Google translator is easy; because this practically works with all languages.

Let’s see step by step how to proceed both Windows, Mac and Linux Android devices as well.

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How to translate the language to a web in Chrome on Windows

On many occasions we visited websites we do not understand because they are in a language of which we know nothing. For this Chrome has an interesting translation function quite useful . To use it simply follow these steps:

  • On your computer, you will have to open Google Chrome .
  • Visit a website that is in another language, can be in any language.
  • If you look at the top part should appear a window that gives you the option to translate.
  • If this does not appear window, all you have to do is right-click on a blank website and press the “ Translate to the Spanish ” option.

Either of the two forms mentioned above, Chrome will start the translation process should take a few seconds.

How to change language in Chrome on Android website

  • Open the Chrome app.
  • Visit a website that is in another language.
  • After this you will see at the bottom of the screen that displays the option to translate.
  • If you want to Chrome always translate websites that are in another language. Tap on the three points located on the top right of the screen and click “ Always translate pages in Spanish “.

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How to disable Windows language translation

If you do not want the option to translate websites appear. Must go to the top right of the screen and press the icon of the three vertical dots.

  • Now find the “ Settings “.
  • option

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  • After this go to the bottom and click “ Advanced Settings “.
  • In the part of “ Language ” click on “ Language “.
  • If you notice one of the options says “Ask me if I want to translate pages that are not in a language I can read.” You have to check or uncheck this option to enable or disable the translation.

How can observe is very simple translate a website on the Internet . Chrome gives you the best extensions or tools you need to be able to understand virtually any site you visit without too effort. And how to translate or change the language to a website in Google Chrome .

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