How To Translate Words From English To Spanish To The Google Chrome Select Them

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Today, knowing Language can be a big obstacle for many. Modernity has brought the confluence of different languages ​​in television programs, we see products everyday and daily consumption.

That’s why it’s so important to learn a lot at least English, at a time when much of what we see can be written in another language.

This is something that is especially true when we’re on the internet. It is almost impossible not to find the content that is in another language. Ultimately Internet is the place where people from all sides of the world will cease, and even search content in their language or interact with other download.

So if you speak Spanish, it is a matter of time before you need to see or understand the content which may be in another language, and if you have no previous problems of education, you can see. But that is offering Chrome href = “”> you one of your best services.

Google Chrome has the tools to make you understand everything you need on a page that is not written in your mother tongue. With tools such as Google Translate, you have access to fairly accurate translations of texts English Spanish and even your Android.

And also gives you the option to translate pages so you probably do not imagine. Just continue to read below, we will tell you all you need to know to respect, so do not want the most afraid to visit other pages and are not in your mother tongue.

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Google Translate: Your best friend

It is likely that some’ve never heard of Google Translate or Dictionary Google, or if you have used.

It is a very useful tool from Google, is quite simple and easy to use translator . Simply choose the language you want to translate and generate texts quite successfully in what is originally expressed.

It is a good tool for People who speak only one language or people learning a new language, because it gives the opportunity to listen how to say what you want to translate.

And, as your best friend, you can take anywhere with you on the Internet. Although Google has an option whereby you can translate entire pages in Spanish, many would be able to translate what they choose a particular page.

And, really is something quite possible by extending Google Translate. Only must enter the Chrome Web Store , enter the name of the extension and install it on your < strong> browser .

Once installed and configured to your liking, you must go to a web page, select the text you want to translate directly and what you want in seconds. Now, if the payload that Google translator pueds wherever you go on the web.

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Translate whole pages

If you are really more like translate entire pages, you can choose the options that already has Google Chrome paragraph. First, go to Google Settings. Once there, you must enter the part of Advanced Settings , and place you in languages ​​here.

Then click on the language you have chosen as your own, and several options will be displayed. Simply click on the option that says “ Ask me if I want to translate pages that are not in a language I can read r”. Once you do, you will see that you will always have the option to translate entire pages without problems.

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