Activating The New Menu Google Chrome Extensions Easily

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As we all know, Google Chrome lets you add many functions to your browser with extensions. All this for your browser is the most complete of all. But as the platform continues to amaze us, you have created a new option and in this article we will show you.   how to enable the new Chrome extensions easy menu

Enable menu extensions

When you download a extension or addition to your browser , they are placed on the right side of the search bar or address. If you have downloaded many of these useful tools to reduce the generally long space and snuggle. Now you can a single icon indicating where extensions.

The browser is a tool that we can not only surfing the net , we also offer other options appropriate for our daily work. Apart from this, we can for example activate the words generator secure passwords and many others functions that the user always have at hand.

How to enable the new Google Chrome Extensions menu easily

It seems more logical to have a Extensions Menu because of the large amount that exists and can be downloaded to your browser. Best of all is that if you enable new menu extensions Google Chrome. And it’s not like you at all, you can reverse the process and continue to use the extensions as before do.

The steps that indicate you let you see all extensions you have installed your browser to a new menu. To do this, you must open a tab and development   so you have access to configuration options You must write to the following address bar chrome://flags .. and then you click the Enter key

The steps to enable the new Google Chrome Extensions menu

Then we wrote the address in the browser Chrome and press Enter, a page that we present experimental features and a host of options appear. On this page there is a search bar and you have to write the following chromium.//flags/# bar extensions Tools menu, and then press Enter

On the page you will be presented a unique result and next to a blue bar indicating that this option is disabled. To allow you to click on this bar and choose the option that activates once you make this process restart the browser Google Chrome . To do this, you must click the Restart option in the bottom right of the page.

Once you restart your browser, the next step is to make sure you have activated the new menu extensions. For this, you must orient the right of your browser and where there used extensions will get an icon. At the click of a menu will be displayed with any extensions installed in your browser.

Now you can check all the space you have earned in this area of ​​the browser, while having enabled this simple Extensions Menu . To find it is very easy too, just have Hovering above this icon displays the name extensions , click and show you what it contains.


At the end of this menu, you can see the google enabled extensions Manage extensions and take you to a page where you sample each of the installed extensions. This gives you details about each option and delete where you do not want more this supplement. And if you learn How to activate the new menu Google Chrome Extensions easily.

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