How To Use And Store Content In Google Chrome Pocket For Offline Reading Internet

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Surely many of us happened to us that we are surfing the web and got us nice content and our interest. But we have to stop reading because we no longer have internet connection.

activate the new menu extensions Google Chrome , which it is essential to add new extensions.

If this is the case, and at some point has experienced a similar situation, it’s time to find that there is a tool to help us at that time. I’m talking about Pocket.

If a member of Google Chrome should only install this extension and save any content and then without internet connect read. So if you want to know more regarding use and save content Pocket with Google Chrome, to read it without an Internet connection, you’re welcome to continue reading.

What is Pocket?

If you’re new to using this tool or you have not yet familiar with it, it is likely that you wonder What’s Pocket? or How does it work? Therefore, here we will help you answer these questions.

Pocket is a tool that we can store content web pages to read later . is the best thing is a program that works without internet connection. This means you can save content and read CUNADO want.

Similarly, this program is useful for any device. So you can enjoy it when traveling, at home, in the office or wherever. No problem.

It should be noted that although there are more options to save your information and then read it without internet connection, Pocket is one of the best in terms of speed and efficiency. In addition the system is easy to use and convenient as a single clip can capture any information.

After knowing this, the safer you are asked What kind of information can I store in this extension? The answer is that you can store everything from normal items, such as recipes, images and even videos.

How to use and save content with Pocket in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome also offers this useful tool, making installing it as a free extension. Therefore, many users Google Chrome have chosen to acquire, as well as being useful and interesting is easy to use and install.

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Steps to Install Pocket in Google Chrome

Install this program on your Google Chrome browser will not take no time, but if you give great advantages and benefits. Among them, no longer you have to resort to other programs to save that video or that content that you like so much.

What you should do is enter Google extensions. To do this you must enter the href=””> Web Store and place in the search bar Pocket, immediately several options will appear. You should choose the first and click the blue button that says Add to Chrome


 google chrome extensions store

Here’s a window appears to confirm whether to add this extension. You must press the Add Extension & nbsp option.; A ve done this, it is installed in a few seconds in your browser.

 pocket add extensions

How Pocket is used in Google Chrome?

After having pocket installed on your browser in the upper right extension appears to him to be able to use, the user must Register . To perform this procedure, just click on the extension icon and immediately a new tab will appear indicating registration.

The data you need to add are your name, email and password . Once you have done this step, and its extension is ready to use.

So, if you want to store a page or information of interest, simply enter the page or website in question, and click on the item Extension Pocket automatically save the content.

I also want to remind you that if you are not on the PC can install Google Chrome extensions on a Mobile Android .

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Finally, we hope this post has helped him help. However, we like to know your opinion you been able to successfully install the extension in Google Chrome Pocket? What are the best extensions for Google Chrome useful ?. Leave your answers in the comments

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