Sorting Data Or Content Of A Spreadsheet In Google Sheets

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When you work in a job often, we will provide all the tools necessary to perform work specific . Many tools are varied, but the News usually end up always using a certain type of computer or digital device, you need to perform certain tasks.

Much of the work keeping the accounts manually or draft documents in a typewriter far behind us, because now we have the opportunity to use computers to complete various types of work, whatever that it is,

Now, with a computer can do all kinds of activities, which gave a lot of opening new jobs, the supply and demand in different markets.

This led many people to become familiar with the use of a computer completely to the point of specializing in the use of different programs software to a particular task. Among the most commonly used in the workplace, are spreadsheets, which are found in all types and sizes.

If we talk about spreadsheets always comes to mind that Windows Excel, which is an extremely powerful, practical and useful when it comes to keep a check on all data types and to create different forms .

And, as expected, Google has a market their best services called Google Spreadsheets a spreadsheet which can give competition to another and also to give you an additional tool that users can access without any problems.

The same has led many people use Google Sheets for many reasons, including the option share with several people this document without too much difficulty. And above, you need to sort data to keep everything consistent, as we will explain below.

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How to order Google Spreadsheets data on your computer

Spreadsheets Google has a way of working similar and different in many ways to those of Excel , so it is good to learn a little more about how to perform certain actions in Google Sheets without too much difficulty.

Among the actions are the only way Sheets Google you will find the power to control the data that you put in the various rows and columns, and sort the data you have in your document, you must do the following

  • If you wish to order a series of data, first open your spreadsheet Sheet Google, and highlights of course all the data you wish to order and click on the top menu “data “followed” Sort range “.
  • For each column has a title, you must click the “ data includes a header line “.
  • Now you need to select the column you want first, then specific if you want to control or down, remembering that you can click the “ add another column to sort “to place a new rule in the order, which one would you click the” Sort “.
  • Remember that you can do it alphabetically by right clicking on the column you want to sort, then selecting the “ Sort sheet A-Z “.

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mobile control data

Now if you want to sort your data from Google Spreadsheets document on your mobile, please note that you can not order at intervals, but only alphabetically columns. To do this, simply select the letter that is above the columns, then the menu “ More “.

Then select the menu “ Sort A to Z ” and you will see all the data being sorted correctly. Also remember that this process is essentially the same Android and iOS devices, so do not worry too much about the procedure.

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