Putting Edges Or Narrow Margins In Google Docs

 Put Google Docs

Google Docs lets you create documents, is a tool that can presentations or work spreadsheets and it’s all done from the cloud. This tool can be found free, in turn, you can share documents. Here, we show you how to create documents, slides and spreadsheets in Google Docs.

You can access Google Docs from any computer or mobile device without connecting Internet , it is also important to understand that access prune this document essential email account in Gmail.

When creating your account can easily access Google lead the application to create documents. Therefore, in this paragraph, you mention the steps to add the edges or margins on them, which is a good choice for many users who do not know how to manage the options document.

How to customize the edges or margins in Google Docs?

This tool supports a lot of formats, so you can edit Word documents, PDF, OpenOffice and to keep in the same format or replace.

Also, it is important to note that you can add narrow margins in this document, but many people do not know where this change if you must take the following steps:

First you place Google Docs enter and go to “menu” is the top of the   document and click “File” .   This will open a new window with a set of specifications in which you must select “Layout” .

 settings Menu Google Docs

From there, you’ll see four options, but you must choose the one that says “margins” to manually change the edges. So this place and depending on the value of the things you can do narrower.

The edges or margins are empty spaces on the top, bottom, left and right of the text in the document. Put the narrow margins is a simple procedure.

Another option is to change the edges open the document will show the same rules that are in the top left of the document. Measures default margins can view the rule that contains the color gray.

Also, you can edit the edges directly from the rule that is in the document, if you give click on the blue arrow and can drag to change your margin or edge and let – the near or far your preference.

In short, these two methods you can change the value of the edges of documents and stop measures that suit you.

Important information about margins customizing Google Docs

 Google Docs icon

It is important to understand that since Google document may be margin measures adjusted to suit your own needs. Although the documents already have a default action , the assembly can to make your margins are narrower.

It should be noted that the mark of the change in the value of the margin and make it narrower will be reflected on every page of the document.

can not change the margin or edge on each page , it usually works option for the document just released regardless of the number of pages it contains.

Google Docs is an important tool, changes in the document are automatically saved. Why not having to worry about losing the information to close the document.

In turn, this tool can share and edit mail and therefore can be modified group work without being together. Thus,   If you are in charge of editing the margins you know what you should take steps to achieve it.

Finally, we hope this article has allowed him to help. However, we like to know your opinion Do you know another method to customize the edges or margins in Google Docs? Leave your answer in the comments.

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