Accessing Google Drive As A Disk Partition On My Pc

 Google drive partition

Google Drive is a very useful tool for saving files in the cloud; However, some disadvantages when you want to work as Dropbox and even onedrive, as they can keep the offline files on your hard drive without having to access the browser instead, Google Drive you need to connect to the Chrome browser manipulate and share files and folders , we have the solution this problem here’ll show you how access to Google drive as a PC disk partition.

 google accessing the unit from one partition

Google Drive access as a PC disk partition

To access your files without an Internet connection player, you we offer Installation   Windows 10 on your PC, is a division for quick access to the service on the panel File System Explorer. This access allows you to enter your virtual player and so download or copy files and folders to Google  .

But there are other ways you can use Drive as a hard drive partition on the PC from File Explorer;   with Virtual Subst can do. Follow these steps:

  1. The first thing to do is to Download Google Drive on your PC with Windows 10. After entering installed at the following address: C:/Users/[name of the user PC]/Google Drive
  2. Then must install the Virtual Subst tool on your PC and click on the window of Visual Subst, and choose the drive letter that you want the new location of the virtual unit Google.
  3. Once done, copy access to the Google Drive folder and paste the menu entry. Another way to do this is with the search icon to find and change the folder. The Google Drive folder is the same as explained in the previous step.
  4. Now check the box ” apply units starts on Windows.”
  5. Then you press the (+) in the bottom of the Visual Subst window. By doing this, a virtual drive is added to the letter on your PC.
  6. Drive is really the virtual drive added in Visual Subst, allows you to access as hard disk partition on your PC.
  7. To ensure that Google Drive so you can access a partition of the hard drive on your PC opens the file browser and seeks unity with the letter you designated.

 google disk partition

Visual Subst functions

This tool is very useful because you can create virtual drives for shared folders and shared network resources. Solves problems with commanding noun, NET USE.

It is able to create units for applications without CCU warnings, adding modifiable units and restoring disks after reboot. Noun visual allows virtual drives can be used in Windows versions:

  • Applications and Account Control: Allows applications to create virtual drives for folding units formed for the standard user. Prompts circumvents using Hidden Account Control with/switch NOUAC therefore does not distract the user.
  • tags Virtual Drive :. They are very useful if you usually use Windows Explorer, you can easily edit and define the labels of virtual drives
  • Restore after restarting units: This tool stores the list of virtual drives and up to the system commissioning. For this activate the option ” create virtual drives at system startup. “

As you can see, Google Drive access as a hard drive partition on the PC is very simple; Just follow the steps described above. We hope you enjoyed this book, Write review and remember to share with family and friends.

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