Creating A Group Drive To Work Simultaneously With People

 Google Drive.

groups Drive allows you to share content with multiple people at once Gmail. The email address must always be Gmail if no other member can not access. If you want to save your Gmail in Google Drive.

So to be able to work in small groups of four is five or six people a satisfying experience. It allows you to fluent later in a good workspace and maintain a good relationship with peers as they can agree on a common theme.

How to create a group drive to work simultaneously with people

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Also, groupware can also create disadvantages as members trust each other, leave work at the last minute not agree and this causes conflicts. For this reason, nothing better work as a group Google Drive.

How a working group with Google Drive?

 work with Google Drive

Thus, the steps to open the drive unit is very simple, you can do it by your mail Gmail. From a side profile photo shows a few points that are Google Apps and click appear giving several options including “Drive”.

You can also access the drive of your browser home page, because having an e-Google Gmail application on the main screen.

At the Drive Select, it will open a new window with a set of options you have to choose which is located on the left side of the screen.

You must click “new” and it will display several options, you must click on Folder “, you automatically have to write the name of your file and press ” create” . The same will be saved, you simply select it and see a sign with the name of the file and you must click on the scroll bar.

Then you need to choose where it says ” sharing” and this new window you add the people you go to work. You must enter your email or name if you have already registered. Then click “Send” .

At this time, an invitation will be sent to your e-mail where they will agree to start work in groups.

The only thing left open a folder and create the document to start working as a group and change in the drive. It is a simple procedure which involves several steps.

Benefits of creating a group training


This method should not be physically with your teammates to do the remaining work and get rid of having to agree to see where they will meet.

The benefits of working with Google Drive are several, each of which can connect and work changes when you can, share files and password protect . This will avoid the hassle of being squared for an hour with a friend over.

need have a computer and Internet to be with your work in the drive. Also the cat that document can discuss issues includes working &NBSP. Although you can access your files without an Internet connection.

Just enough to decide that all connect to a specific time to interact through chat and decide what each organization. In addition, the Drive Group allows you to Comments on the document so you can do your knowledge with colleagues according to the subject being edited.

And most important is that all group members can change the theme and time of last modification is displayed at the top of the document.

It is recommended that there is a person who is the director of the group to plan the work. delays can also be set for each member of the group do its part.

Finally, we hope this article has allowed him to help. However, we love hearing your You can create a group to work simultaneously Drive? Do you know other creative process of a drive unit? Leave your answers in the comments.

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