How To Create A Free Professional Landing Page Using Google Drive

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When you have a blog or web , there comes a time content that is necessary to have, so it is now possible to create a landing page with free Google Drive.

How to Create a Landing Page Professional Free Using Google Drive

Google searches always update and have services that facilitate tasks, and Drive is one of those tools.

But few people really know their scope and usefulness, so we decided to put together a step by step to liven landing page from this.

Google Drive has a variety of tools that maybe desconozcas. Thanks to this Google product can also create presentations or formats forms


Creating my landing page with Google Drive

A landing page is built based on the needs and what you want, but for any purpose, it is best that the finish is professional.

Now knowing that, during this step by step guide and example we will use a landing page or landing page shaped form.

Now, to start must be executed in the computer, the Google Chrome browser. This is the best, and we’ll use the tools of this company.

It is located in the bookmarks bar (below the search) in the upper right corner, the icon of the 9 colored dots or “ Applications “.

Consequently, the window will update to show the programs concerned. Of these, click on the icon of the characteristic “ Google Drive “.

Parenthetically, you can also enter the Drive nesting directly from the browser or from the menu “ Applications ” on the left next to the thumbnail profile.

 woman using laptop

Already in this, it is essential to have logged in, or proceed to enter data using the account you have.

Where the option shown landing page with Google Drive?

After you’ve logged in, and being on the front page of the Drive, you can proceed to form the desired item.

But for this, there is no default button or section with your name. Therefore, we must select the “ New ” button on the top left of the window.

This brings up a pop-up menu with a variety of choices for both upload items to the cloud, to create files.

In the latter category, it will be positioned an option called “ More “, which must be given on the arrow that accompanies it.

So, another list of options is displayed, and this time indicated will be the first, “ Google Forms ” but you have to give the arrow again.

Since the modality that interests us is a “ Blank Form ” which will click to be open.

Now what remains is the maximum leverage to the tools and capabilities allowing the editor to create a landing page with Google Drive.

fleshing out the form

Before you can say that it has created the landing correctly, and a professional finished, you will need to flesh and customize it.

For this, Google Drive and form generator, brings many features and capabilities to consider and apply.

The first thing you should do is change the name, which can be accomplished by clicking on the text “ Untitled Form ” and place represent you.

 google interface form

Then it will also be possible to add a description of the , which will clarify to users any general questions or add some specification

Under this section preliminary another section where it will be positioned information or data from the landing page as such.

In this case, the being a form, you can generate a series of questions or notes, and the right to choose how you will respond the public will be very easy.

In addition to this, on the right side, will be located panel with more options to add to form. A the same as those on the bottom.

Everything will be part of the designer user, because it is he who achieve professionalism provide this landing page with Google Drive, free.

Now finally, in the upper right corner is the “ Send ” button, through which the suggested process is done. can also be “ Print ” in the menu three vertical dots.

If you want to create a landing page you can also work with other programs like Blogger or WordPress , both are easy to use and multitasking to achieve your goal.

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