How To Pass Or Transfer Files From Google Drive To Another Account – Easy And Fast

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Using the Google Drive has become much more common and now people use it once. But what exactly is the Google Drive and why is it used?

In this article you will learn more about the features of Google Drive and benefits of its use. You also learn how to transfer your files Google Drive account to another by following the simple steps. First, let’s see what Google Drive is, how to get and why it is so effective.

What is Google Drive and what are the advantages to using?

 Add a connection to Google Drive

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Google Drive is a service provided by Google to store data, files and information. It offers 15 GB of free storage. Although the amount of space is composed of Gmail, Google Photos and Google Drive, you can create backups or attachments in your email for more space.

In addition, it syncs with all your devices, meaning that you can access from your Web browser, ie, connect can connect to your Google Drive for PC and Google Drive mobile app.

Another significant fact about Google Drive is that you can store videos, music, images, documents and any type of large file . Even if your machine does not have the necessary program to open documents or files managed by Google Drive can do.

Google Drive also automatically updates your documents, so you can access them from anywhere any release.

Another interesting thing about Google Drive, is that it’s integrated with Google at the same time that is synchronized with associated accounts, like Gmail.

This is a safe place for you to create, collaborate and share documents and files as well as creating spreadsheets and presentations to internal applications through this tool.

You can also scan a photo simply charging and storing them in the drive. This will file as PDF allows you to print out later.

This tool also has a translator at least 53 languages ​​. Another interesting point is that Google Drive records and stores copies of older versions of documents you have changed. This way, you should not worry too much about missing a document or make irrevocable changes.

And being bound to a program or a specific computer, no need to download to use an external application. Instead, you can access it anywhere, anytime from your device of choice.

To start using Google Drive, you simply open it directly on the site or open your Google Account and clicking on the training in the toolbox or Google apps .

Everything above that will help us to choose whether to take advantage of this tool. If you want to use the first thing you need to do is create an account on the drive.

Now if you want to transfer files from one drive to another? In the next block, I learn how.

How can I transfer files and documents from one account to another Google Drive?

 Transferring files to Google player window

If you want to share your documents, but do not know how, follow these simple steps to get a quick and easy way to not waste time úti

Step 1

Opens the player account you want to transfer files. Find the file you want to share and press right click on it. Select «Share» , and enter your e-mail to which you want to send.

Step 2

Click Advanced and sets permissions. Option Open the account you shared files and go to » share with me.»

Step 3

Then select all the files that have already been sent, then click the «Make a copy» . Then the process   in practice it has finished. You VALIDATE documents and rename if necessary.

And ready, and can share files with other Google Drive accounts. Is a fairly simple method that we invite you to use.

We also invite you to read the following article how to buy more space in Google Drive increase storage.

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