How To Put Expiry Date To Shared Files On Google Drive?

 Putting expiration Drive

You want to share files on Google Drive? undoubtedly Drive tool is one of the best share documents on the Internet. Even can see and files on Google Drive without an Internet connection access . Therefore, we recommend that you read the following information How to End the date of the shared files on Google Drive?

Set a deadline or shelf for files you share on the Internet is a good way to protect our information, because after this period can not access these files. For this reason, we have prepared a guide that will show you how this procedure with the Google Drive platform.

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What is the purpose of putting a file to the expiration date shared on Google Drive?

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There are now many platforms with which file sharing and Google Drive is one of the most important. Undoubtedly, it stands out for its features and ease of use, anyone can use it without major problems.

Documents Share Google Drive is pretty easy. Even can transfer files to another own if you want. The platform also provides a 15GB free space , in the case of free users, a figure that can be extended if a benefit is paid.

Anyway, take and share files on the Internet has its drawbacks, so it is best to take certain precautions before performing this action. Undoubtedly, one of the best choice is to create links with the expiration date.

expiration date means that after some time the link file is deleted, so no one else can access the shared link. This feature is present in Google Drive and can be applied to users who are affiliated with Google Suite.

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How to put the expiration date of the shared files on Google Drive?

Set an expiration date for the sharing files with Google Drive is useful in case you do not want to remain perpetually on the Internet. This feature is available for some users Google platform and you can use it as follows.

  1. First, it is necessary connect to Google Drive . Once a’ve sent a file to Google Drive, you can use expiration. To mark the first file you want to share with a deadline.
  2. Press right click on the file you want to share, then click «Share».
  3. is displayed on the screen sharing options here need to select individuals or groups who want to share the file.
  4. at the bottom right of the screen if the
  5. show ‘Advanced’ with which we can make multiple configurations related to the share link us.
  6. also below and to the right a small icon will be shaped clock, this is where you need to press if you want to give a specific time on the links.
  7. By default, the application provides a time of 30 days anyway, you can change the way you want.
  8. Once you are done with the settings, just need to press Save changes and therefore shared links will have an expiration date.

Additional information

As noted above – keep in mind that the only way to provide a limited link or expiration, and file sharing time is to have your own domain name with Following Google , so that normal users with accounts in Gmail platform can in most cases not access these parameters.

If a member of this platform, you can share files with expiration date on Google Drive without major drawbacks. On the other hand, if you do not manage this option, you can stop sharing your files in Google lead that nobody access the rest of the can.

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