How To Calculate Or Measure The Area Using Google Maps Zone-Step By Step

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Everyone at some point we needed measure the area area using Google Maps , either unknowingly or just for some legal procedure.

This Google tool is quite efficient and we can do it with just a few clicks, and instantly throws measurements in meters squared.

How to calculate or measure the area of ​​a Zone Using Google Maps -Step by Step

If you do not know and want to take advantage of all the options of this application. Should know that Google Maps can use augmented reality to the surf.

What should you do to measure the area of ​​an area using Google Maps?

Mainly it is good to note that this measurement can be done in any version of Google Maps; either on the web, the smart device application or desktop version.

To achieve the first thing you do is go to Google Maps and place the display mode to facilitate the measurement that you to make.

Once having done this and what you want to measure located duties determine the area to which the measure shall make.

Now you locate where you will place the first point and press the right button to display the menu; Select “ Measure the distance ” with this tool enabled only have to go marking the outline of the area you want to measure.

Ideally you zoom or put the satellite view so that the delimitation be as specific as possible, so measurement is ideal.

Well, once you start to establish the points by clicking the left button necessary that you guide around the area and that the last match point with the first, so that closure area.

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In the area close Google Maps will show at the bottom of the screen a box with the measure in square meters, you can select and copy if you want.

What can you do with this measure?

Generally, the determination of an area is made for legal matters such as land sales or delimitation of ownership of land.

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A the measured area of ​​an area using Google Maps determination that is made can be confirmed by anyone who can access tool , so you can make a transparent process.

Also you can capture the screen and retain the definition so that if desired; for example, field fence have a simpler view of the distances to fence off.

Some recommendations to measure the area of ​​a zone using Maps

A closed area time to move carefully plotted points for your selection to be as specific as possible, being able to correctly determine the area in m2.

It’s also great if you want to sell or buy the land you are measuring know the area determined by the company or the seller, so you can confirm it.

You can also measured in both views of the application , so you can confirm that these correctly measuring the area, avoiding any inconvenience to the surrounding land.

Determine, if possible, the area with someone who knows about the subject and to help you do so without losing part of your field.

If you work in livestock or agriculture, is a good option use this tool to determine the extent of land , also can help you know how much you want to use for crops or livestock pen.

Google Maps Is The Best Option?

In general the delimitation of areas is more related to the areas of architecture and engineering; This makes it quite methodical because these calculations must be specific.

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Google Maps, now is not legally approved as a measuring tool; although can be used for this , even the manual measurements by surveyors are preferred.

are approved are because they are more tangible and specific, and may also determine other topographic data that Google Maps can not provide.

For this is not used as a measurement tool for making purchases or sales pitches, leaving it for now as a tool for the general public .

Other uses that can give Google Maps program is to be able to locate geographical coordinates of latitude and or length routes form Google Maps.

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If you want to use this program without any problem reminds upgrade to the latest version.

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