How To Locate Or Track My Phone Stolen By Google Maps And Gmail -Free

Have stolen your phone and want it back? You say how to locate your phone using the tools offered by Google and track successfully. In the same way also you could sabotage the plans to the wrongdoer to the lock the SIM card from your stolen phone or lost.

How to locate or track my phone stolen by Means of Google Maps and Gmail -Free

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This service Free . To begin, it is essential that the device is connected to a mobile network or wireless data, it is associated with a Gmail has created , and that both the GPS option next to « Find my device » assets are.

To access this option must search the configuration settings for your phone, the option « Security and privacy » and activate it.

How to track my cell by Gmail

Find a mobile by Gmail is super simple, you can even monitor any device associated with your account, to locate them in real time. real-time sharing your location or your devices.

To start your search just have

Enter the , or simply from another place in the search module « android device management «, enter your username (email that is associated with the mobile misplaced) and password, go! You can see the location in real time.

will see on the left side of the is the name of your device , time and activity to the percentage of battery that has screen, plus itself is connected to a WiFi network, you show which one. From the other side of the screen will show the exact location of the mobile.

 track my cell by Gmail

After locating the location, you can perform three actions:

Play sound: which is thus activated the phone is in vibrate or silent, will be active for 5 minutes, alerting him who stole


Lock Device: can change the password or place it should not’ll set any; to add a plus, you have the option to add an alert message and an optional number where they can reach you to return your phone; if not function, you block completely the cell so that no one can enter the internal files of your mobile phone.

Clear content : you format all the files you have on your phone, once this action can not locate


Other applications that can help locate or track your cell

Lockout Mobile Security: This app protects your phone using an audible alarm also is anti hardware, antivirus, antispyware, tracker and locator phone. Best of all, it’s completely free. Ensures continuous antivirus protection to help optimize the performance of your mobile phone, saves the last location if the battery is depleted. It is available on devices IOS and Android .

Family Locator: Available on Android and IOS allows users to know the location of your family by cell tracking. Allows you to create circles of friends, traces the route and create alerts if something new originates.

Cerberus: positioned as the favorite of users with a greater number of downloads, control your phone from another location and stealthily, you can control it via text messages without access to internet, points failed attempts to unlock, you can record audio, do ringing mobile , obtain information from the SIM card inserted, in addition to a copy of all your files to Drive account.

 applications that can help locate or track your cell

Prey Anti-Theft: The alternative free cerbeus, security software originated in Chile. geographically positioned the location of your device, report any changes to files and applications active, how fabulous the app is taking a photo with the front camera of your device, you’ll discover responsible for theft your phone.

Trust & amp; Go: shows you the location of your phone, to the third failed attempt by the security pattern, take a picture with the front camera and sends it by email, offering to back up your files and separate functions as antivirus .

Also if you want to learn how to enable theft lock on your Android phone, you can click here .

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