Deleting Location History In Google Maps On Cell

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One of the topics most requested by many people on the web, is on the right way with which you can delete the search history and places that are stored in Google Maps.

When you search for a Location in the app or failing that, when you send real-time location , Google Maps makes an automatic backup of the route and saved for future use.

This action also performs all day with all the places to visit every day. However, this is an action that many People they love, for this reason always looking for ways to disable or remove this permanent action.

So in this post I want to explain what the process step that must be done to clear the search history is in the mobile app.

In addition, if you are looking for is to achieve a much more drastic action in this post will give you all the details you need to have a better control of these mobile applications.

Process google Maps

Clear History Search and locations

The history option to delete search and even places is a tool found in the mobile version of Google Maps. And as always want to get the most out of this app this task becomes essential to improve the performance of Google Maps.

In addition, entries can be removed if we become one, it seems tedious possible. To do do, you must start the application and open it by pressing from left to right on the screen, you will see the sidebar Options .

In this sidebar, you can see the different options all relate to Google Maps, it is here where you click the “ Settings ” to enter the settings.


Once here, you must locate the “History” card , in which all the research you have revealed more visits. , You will see that this section is sorted chronologically.

To proceed with the removal of each of these tabs, you go right click on the icon with “x”.

  therefore, it is automatically deleted, the information about the history of your application, however, before proceeding with such an action,   the application will launch a Message warning, in which you he warned that wearing these activities Action is also deleted.

google historic location

Delete location history from the Web

If you wish to delete information that is much deeper, the best in all cases, is to use the internet. that you must enter in the web of the timeline that you give Google Maps and if you are looking for is to completely erase the History locations, you simply click on the icon with trash.

Once you press it, you will see a confirmation window where you click show “Clear History.”

It is also possible from the web, you eliminate some of the history of places, using as a primary filter “days.”

To complete this action, you must first click the “Today” and the image appears when specifying Travel, you agree manually to history of the day, then go one by one remove the trips you want to delete. Remember – Always keep application to enjoy all its functions in a way better.

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