How To Create Ads For My Company To Appear On Google Maps?

 Make google Maps business appears

If you have a company and accounts with a webpage, Google offers you an extremely useful service to improve your positioning on the Internet. This service is Google Maps and is available to the business sector. We recommend you read this article you will learn the   How to create ads for my company to appear on Google Maps


How to Create Ads my Company to appear on Google Maps

What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is an application that provides maps on the web . Users can move the map, zoom, locate a place of interest and access the search tools. It is even possible to put labels on addresses Google Maps places , store and access them easily.

What is Google Maps?

Google Maps serves to provide users with information about your current location and anywhere you specify. This provides tours can be taken to reach a certain point. In addition, you can observe any real-time map   and locate commercial establishments.

How are my business ads on Google Maps?

A time to search for information on nearby businesses on Google, Users can view the location of your business . Thus, potential customers have the option to choose your card and receive directions to your business.

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How to create ads for my company to appear on Google Maps?

To create ads for a company and these appear in Google Maps, it is advisable to learn a   look for geographical coordinates in Google Maps and follow the procedure that you indicated below.

Create a Google Account and Google Ads My Bussiness

Google provides users numerous services that facilitate their activities on the web. One of these services is related to the positioning of our business on the web to get clients. We refer to Google My Bussiness .

“Google My Bussiness” allows your business on Google Maps, therefore we recommend to register for this service to generate more interaction with your customers. Also, you should create an account at “Google Ads” to provide advertising for your business.

Enable location extensions

The first step to advertise your business on Google Maps is enable location extensions from your account on Google Ads . These extensions drive customers to visit your organization as Google shows them the geographical distance between them and your business.

In addition, potential customers can see the address, the website of your business, recommendations for directions to your business, hours and contact numbers.

Use Display Network

It is also possible to publish location extensions using Campaign Display . To achieve this, you must access Google My Bussiness and Google Ads and synchronize the geographic location of your two accounts.

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Create a new campaign

From Google Ads, go to the “Campaign” option. Then click “I symbol +”. Choose the “Create a campaign without a goal”, states that the campaign type is “Display” and select “Display Campaign standard”. Enter all the information about your campaign and press the “New ad”.

Then, select “Display Ad placement” and upload all items by clicking “Add to ad group.” Wait a minute until your display ad with location extensions   start running. From this moment can create ads from the “Ads” .

update your business listing

To update your company tab you access your account from Google My Bussiness and set the tab your business . After enable geo-targeting to direct your ads to a specific location and location bid that will drive potential customers located near your business.

Set location bid

location bid can be set by search words commonly admitted users. For this reason, it is convenient to use Keywords to further leverage the service. The selection of specific keywords is directed towards a certain group of customers and general keywords serve to get more users. Even, you can use this resource to share the URL of Google Maps via email to enlarge the number of customers.

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