How To Take And Post Photos In Street View With Camera 360 °

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Google Maps allows us to explore the world without leaving our homes. If you want others to know your city better, you can do it by adding content to this Google service. In this article, we will show how to take pictures and post Street View 360 ° camera.

If you do not have one of these task forces, also show you how your mobile. In particular, the Google app can also make videos 360 with your camera phone . Then can play these videos in Windows using 5kplayer 360 .

How to take pictures and post on Google Street View camera 360

How to take pictures for Street View camera 360

If you have a 360 camera and want to do a common good, you can use this piece of equipment to create and publish photos in Street View. So when other people use Google Maps, thank you you can get a better view of the place you want to visit.

So now we show you how to do, but if you do not have this type of cameras below how to do the same with a mobile.

How to take photos with a camera 360

In the market there are some models 360 cameras compatible with Street View They you can create a photo of the same application , and download it. If your camera is not compatible with this application, you can consult the manufacturer’s instructions and use the application they recommend creating picture 360.

So you do s import and publish the image in Street View , which we explain below. If your device into the first case, do the following:

  1. Download and install the Street View Play Store app or the App Store.
  2. Configure your camera 360 and connect to your phone. This process varies depending on the make and model of the device.
  3. Open Google Street View and press the blue unit to start the process.
  4. Click the “Profile” . There you will see a blue circle surrounded by an orange ring. This movement tells you every time you take a picture. At the end of the process, all pictures will appear in the “Profile”  .

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If you capture images in 360 at time intervals Street View you can set to automatically perform this process. This way, you have to press the camera icon whenever you want to take a photo. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. On the Street View app, tap the “Private” tab and click the icon three points in a column.
  2. Slide the switch option to turn this feature “interval”.
  3. Click the connected camera blue icon.
  4. Scroll to the next point you want to capture and picture mobile phone 360 ​​
  5. To pause the image, click ‘Stop’. To restart, press again the same button.
  6. Post image by changing the setting “Public” and mark their location.

How to take photos with mobile phone 360 ​​

If you do not have a camera 360 camera , you can also take these pictures with your mobile phone. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Street View option and click “Create.” One camera icon with a “+”.
  2. symbol

  3. Choose the “Camera” in the lower right corner, then “Take a picture.”
  4. Take several photos a circle around you . Then press “Done.”
  5. The images will be joined to generate a 360 ° picture. see in the “private” section and in the Gallery app on your phone.
  6. Post image for others to see.

How to post pictures on Street View

 photo with fisheye effect or 360

If you have captured an image 360 ​​with a camera that is not compatible with Street View, you will need to import the image into the application to publish and others to see. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. On the Street View app, tap the “Create” (a camera icon with a + sign).
  2. Select the option to import an image 360 ​​degrees. The icon of an arrow pointing to a line below.
  3. Open menu (three parallel bars icon in the upper left corner).
  4. Import picture from your gallery, Google Photos and Google Drive. This will appear in the “Private” tab.
  5. Finally, download the photo and so that everyone will benefit from this new view .

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