Using Google Nest Hub To Control Smart Home Devices

In recent years, the digitization of our homes has been revolutionized with the Smart TV , streaming through Chromecast, and now the inclusion of the wizard Google Nest Hub to control intelligent devices that have in our home.

The Google Nest Hub is an intelligent assistant to Touch screen that allows us to schedule tasks, view content, also has a great development in voice dictation technology. This device you can set from your iPhone or Android. for convenience you can use your device Google Nest Home to the language you want such change to the Spanish.

This device can also link your Netflix account directly.

How to Use Google Nest Hub controlling Devices Intelligent Home

What should you do to use Google Nest Hub to control devices?

Mainly, you must add this new device to your home group in the app « Google Home » To do this, turn on Google Nest Hub and wait for the end of the normal startup procedure.

Now you must enter « Google Home » and click « Configure device 1 «, complete the setup wizard with your personal data.

Once Google Nest Hub is installed and included in the group home can handle any intelligent device within the group.

Learn orders

The Google Nest Hub has great development in speech analysis therefore voice commands are the basis of the utility of this device.

The main order is « Ok Google » This allows you to put the wizard in active mode, ready to listen to any command.

Now you must include the following order of the main clause, for example. « Ok Google, Youtube looking car » in this way will search and play the results.

 hub device google nest

If you say « Ok Google, on (Name of your TV or speaker) » can activate a device, you also have the ability to play, pause, stop or change a song just by using your voice.

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If you possess intelligent lights can turn on or off any of them just by mentioning the name of the room, for example, « Ok Google, turn on the kitchen «.

What can you do with your Google Nest Hub?

This wizard becomes a great ally because they can search just ask you a question, translate, take notes and countless actions.

Whatever you need this device can give you a hand, high-resolution microphones you allow to speak from great distances , so you can order him something from anywhere in your home. With this device you can even make voice calls.

Here are some tips and tricks to facilitate your experience

Full control

Swiping down on the main screen you will see all devices that access the wizard.

Ubícate easily

If you ask an address or want to know how far it is a restaurant or supermarket, you just have to ask, so simple.

Add members

The Google Nest Hub allows interaction up to 6 users, if we allow all users access to family attendees may use it freely without the need for a device like control.

Use all your devices

If you possess smart devices such as thermostats, smart cameras , smart plugs, robot vacuum cleaners or any device that supports Google Home you can handle it.

The Google Nest Hub

This device stands out for the screen that has been attached to him, one of his first differences with their predecessors.

 nest hub apparatus google

He also was integrated light sensor Ambient EQ which allows the device to adapt the brightness of the display with that of the environment thus preventing excess shine when we see videos or review the news.

Other specifications of interest is the including a second microphone . Giving you a new range of listening, thus achieving the experience exceptional.

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Finally, we hope this tutorial and our recommendations do that using your Smart home is the best. Remember that technology well used is a great tool.

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