How To Download My Photos And Videos From Google Photos To My Phone? -Very Easy

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If you want to download all your photos and videos Google Photos to your cell, the app offers a number of methods that will be detailed below.

Google Photos is a Google tool with which you can have unlimited access to store your multimedia files in a virtual cloud and you can access them from any device with just entering your account.

How do I download my photos and videos google Photos to my phone? -Very Easy

With it you can save a lot of Storage and create a backup of your files so that if you change your phone, you lose or you have stolen not lose anything synced have with the cloud.

One of the advantages of Google Photos is that you grouped photos thanks to the easy recognition that has the program.

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How to download photos and videos to my phone from Google easy and fast Photos

For downloading photos and videos to my Android phone from Google Pictures There are two methods that depend solely on what you get.

If you want to download an album, image or video in particular must enter the Google Photos app and position yourself on the file in question. From there, click on three points that have top right.

opens a small menu of options. You must click on Save on the device. Wait a few seconds to complete the process and then you can view them on your mobile gallery.

If you want to download all photos and videos on your mobile one should ever enter the app from Google Photos and press on the three lines you have in the upper left corner of the screen.

From there look for the Configuration section. In this submenu you slide down to Add automatically.

Return to the main menu and enter the Google Photos folder. Hold a moment on a file to open the menu three points.

Enter it and click on Select All & gt; Download. Expects to complete the process and as you will see all the files you just get in the gallery of your device.

In order to save all your files, Google Photos allows you to make a copy security from your computer or mobile phone, it is best that you can do by automatic synchronization

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How to download photos and videos to my computer from Google Photos in a few steps

There are different methodologies to download photos and videos to my computer from Google Photos depending on the type of file you want to get.

If you want to download photos and videos one Google Photos album you access the app from the browser. To do this sign in with your Google account with your email and password.

Then click on the icon of the nine points you have in the top right corner of the screen and select Google Photos.

Once inside, you must select the album you want to download. Then you click on the three points do you have on the top right of the interface. A small menu of options will open.

You must choose Download All. Expects to complete the process for all files that were on the album.

If you were looking for was download photos and videos from all albums must enter Google Takeout . Log in with your Google account if you did not.

Next, a list will open with all Google applications in which you have stored data. Google seeks Photos. Your data will be exported in all formats. You can see all files that are going to get and you can even unchecking you prefer.

You have the option to choose to export all in one archive to be sure you have enough space to download it. Select Create file and expects to complete the process.

Finally can access all the photos and videos you had stored in Google Photos.

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