How To Free Up Space On My Mobile Ios And Android Using The Google Photos App

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Mobile devices today are an indispensable tool for work and storage. However, often without realizing incur account saturate the storage capacity of your mobile phone, so sooner or later you have to do cleaning for free up space from your mobile iOS or Android.

How Cleanup my mobile iOS and Android Application Using Google photos

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This is why you go doing maintenance to the day and not wait until the last mega, you can have a useful tool as is the APP Google Photos. This amazing APP offers a unlimited storage in the cloud in which will be hosting your photos and videos as you free space.

Then you simply explain how can free up your mobile devices are Android or iOS using the Google Photos app .

Cleanup with Google Photos app on Android

Google Photos is a great application, but first need to know how it works in a clear and simple way, which you will explain it immediately.

  • First of all from your Android smartphone will have to download from Google Play APP Google Photos
  • .

  • Once you have downloaded the application from Google Photos you must installing it.
  • Now you must log in with your Google account on your mobile .
  • Once the previous step, you have to go now within your phone settings to the Copy Security section .

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  • Then in the sub window you must select the item «synchronization» to start making backups of your phone to the Google cloud.
  • Finally, once this is done, you can find and select the «Cleanup» from the side menu of your mobile Android.

In this way you can free up space on your phone by removing all photos from the device, which is noteworthy that continue to be present in Google Photos.

Cleanup with Google Photos app in iOS

A being equal application running on both OS , the method for free up memory space or in iPhone is similar to that explained with Android.

However, it is important to sync App first Google photo s with your Google account before deleting your photos. Once done, the app will handle automatically upload photos and you can free up space by the same system whenever you need on your mobile iPhone .


information to consider when using the Google Photos app on your Android mobile or iPhone

No doubt APP properly use Google Photos to free up space on your mobile is a tool grata. However, certain considerations note.

  • The solution gives you this APP is temporary, since according to use Google Photos , will start hoarding storage space on your phone. Therefore, until Google does not include a limit or a way to control it from the application, your only alternative is to remove the regularly whenever you notice that your phone is slower data.
  • you must also consider that although perform these backups, it is advisable, as additional safety measure to have a second backup on any other storage device. This could be physical or other cloud service, as delegate all your trust with all your information to a single service, it is not advisable in any way.
  • Note that you can remove the photos and videos older than 30 days of your mobile and worry there are still available in a backup in your Google Photos library.

In conclusion, Google Photos is an excellent innovative application that links backup images and videos, which allows you to free up space from your mobile Android or iPhone in a simple and practical way.

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