How To Recognize And Extract Text From Images Using Google Photos

You all know that Google is and the wonderful contributions offered with new services including Google Photos. With which we can store a lot of videos and photos in the cloud so unlimited and free. But in the latest update add OCR technology to recognize the text and the following article will explain How to recognize and extract text from images using Google Photos .

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With the implementation of this new technology can do what you could not before and recognize text in images . Then extract an interesting feature that can now be used with all the pictures that you have stored in the cloud.

And do not worry that soon we will show you what you need to do to recognize and extract text from images using Google Photos.

The versatility and compatibility make this application known as Photos Google , allowed to be the favorite of millions of users worldwide. And it is used for both Android and iPhone devices, while offering a variety of   functions such as sharing a photo album and complete videos.

How to recognize and extract text from images using Google Photos

The new update has Google Photo not only can recognize text, but you can also extract in seconds. Thus, step now far from a gallery of images to a publisher, using the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) . With this feature will save work to share images send text.

If we go to the search bar of Google Photos app, we can write the text you want in the App Browse the image gallery. And so we have at hand all the text or images where the word appears. But we can also find phrases   texts or books we have downloaded images on Google Photos.

How to Remove   text image with the Google Photos

Remember that this step is now easy to do, because before we had to have another tool cone a desktop scanner and use other applications to obtain the desired results. Now with the implementation of OCR, it is very easy to do and in a few seconds and Photos Google can   recognize and extract text images


We will not here the use of research, let us enter the gallery and here we will look at, among other image can be a Carter book, brochure, magazine, etc. so we opted for the image, we enter and bottom of the Copy the text from the image appears.

Now, the next thing we should do is press this option   and perform the following process. You will detect the text you want to search for the application and then automatically select the text you copied.

It is important to know that this is done only if there is a printed image, whether book or magazine. For if the image is not of this type, it will be nearly impossible for the search is done and can identify the text.

Done this and have found the text you want to find and extract, we now use another application to format and copy what is   Google . When we complete this process we will paste into the email application with which we will share with our friends or translation or put it in the search.

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You realize how easy   and   it’s easy to use the new feature of Google Photos   what we now enables   click   recognize and extract text images We thus arrive at the end of this tutorial to teach you the latest innovations from Google


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