Transferring Download Or Go To Google Photos Gallery My Cell

 download or transfer photos from Google photos for mobile

Google will offer a wide variety of applications to help you organize and store all your files; so that in this way you can simplify your work and time. In this case, one of the most used is the Google Photos. But, what is, what it is and how Google Photos works, or what advantages does this application? and How can you download or transfer photos from Google photos to the gallery of your phone? Then we’ll help you answer these questions.

How to Transfer, Download or transfer photos to Google Photos Gallery my cell

What is Google Photos?

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It is an excellent application that can bring many benefits to your storage device has a memory for unlimited storage. And if you prefer also can create or automatic backup on Google Photos if any against time happens and you lose your device. In addition, this copy goes directly to the cloud, where you can access it easily with any device connected to your Google account.

Another advantage is that you organize your photos and events, so if you have many photos, as usual, you can locate the photos you want to see just putting a word concerning the image in the search engine Google photos .

 Google Mobile application photos

And as we remember is to live, this Storage You can remember those moments lived long ago, photos and albums you’ve created a while, so you again commemorate those beautiful memories.

also you want to free up space on your iOS or Android device using the application google photos, you can do it automatically selecting the photos taken are wrong or unnecessary, such as screenshots, pictures repeatedly, or blurred; You select this cleaning can be done periodically and have more free space for other Photos .

If you took many photos of a trip, walk or an important event, select the best shots this tool. And so can share an album of photos and videos to Google Photos and can create desees-memories Now, how can download or transfer photos from the Google photos directly to your Gallery ? Here we explain.

Steps to download photos to the gallery of your phone using Google Photos

The first thing to do to download or transfer photos from Google Photos to cell you is access to your Google Account, then select the tab Data and Personalization, go to the section on download, delete or create a plan for data and choose the first option, downloading your data, which automatically takes you to Google Takeout . There will appear all Google products


You must select box Select None , and choose only the Google Photos; After you click on the small arrow at the top right of the tab to go to more options, will show two alternatives: Include all photo albums and Select photo albums this will ultimately cor list the original name of each photo, so you can download the


 application google photos on mobile

select them can all or only those you want to save, we give in ready and got off at the end of the window click on Next where you have to select the file type you want your download is done; the most common is the Type zip.

Also, you must choose the method of delivery, either by email, Google Drive , among others. You can select the first option, which sends you the download link by email. Once there you give to Create file so you finally reach the mail.

Another way super simple is accessing your Google Photos page, go to the photo, or album you want to download and go to more options that is in part top right, where you give a download all and your music is downloaded automatically file in a Zip tablet


In this quick and easy downloading or pass Google Photos to your phone without complication. If you liked this article you can leave your comments and suggestions at the end of


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