Using, Enable Or Activate The Facial Recognition On Google Photos

 enable facial recognition Google photos

The share an social gathering with relatives and friends were happy heart, being surrounded by these people we want and we spent them enjoyable moments revitalizes us. At these meetings always take pictures with the camera of your mobile phone, and you can save your photos and videos with an app called Google photos.

How to Use, Enable or Enable Facial Recognition in Google Pictures

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With Google Photos will return to live those pleasant experiences again. Not only that, you can use the assistant Google Photos easy to organize your photos, plus make beautiful collage with Google Photos easy and fast , and even create an animated GIF or image with Google photos .

But without doubt one of the most interesting features is the facial recognition Google Photos . Join us and we will explain in this post how you can activate this application. We’ll show you some options and tips that will allow you to use this service safely and permanently. So you always feel like you’re sharing with your loved closest to them.

What requirements require us to use this tool ?

One of the caveats asking us to have facial recognition Google Photos is that we reside in the United States But wait a minute.! Do not worry, because we have the perfect option for you to get this where you’re applying. But first add Google Photos to your applications.

 lots of pictures of faces of different people

Once done, download a Virtual Private Network , better known as VPN. You can find a range of options to choose from in the net. The intention is that traffic is redirected through this network to the United States and so Google thinks are accessing the application from this country. But first, we turn to Google Photos and we click on the “Erase Data” option.

Now we go to the VPN we downloaded and the “Options” icon placed where traffic will, ie, United States. We will now open the application and configure “Group Faces Similar” .

We closed out applications and Virtual Private Network (VPN) to get back into Google Photos and click the magnifying glass. Clever! We’re done. In a moment you were shown the faces you know.

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Features of this application

Once facial recognition enabled Google Photos, you’ll notice these main qualities added to it:

  1. With all your devices can sync photos and videos
  2. .

  3. Google uses its artificial intelligence to put together all the photos grounded in content
  4. .

  5. The storage space is unlimited and also free to save photos and videos in high resolution
  6. .

     man sitting using a tablet

    A feature that is enabled with the facial recognition are called Movie Concepts , we will create films. Yes, Also as you are reading! We may use a themed templates to make videos of special moments choosing the faces of our acquaintances.

    What things can we do with facial recognition Google Photos ?

    In both desktop and notebook computers the application has options search photos of people and even animals to tag them, group them together and organize them to your liking. But we can also make faces regrouped, with only disable this option may be deleted.

    Other available functions are: combine groups of faces, change, or remove tags, remove a group of face search page, remove an item from a group, change the main photo , more information on the models faces and even can remove, add or change labels people and pets in the photos. A going regularly using these options we will become experts in the blink of an eye.

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    In an easy and simple way you have explained how activate the facial recognition Google Photos . In addition, we offered a preview of what you will find once you get this application and the options it has. It has been a pleasure to have shared this information with you. We invite you can continue reading with us issues like these.

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