How To View And Retrieve Deleted Photos And Videos From Google Photos


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Google Photos has been one of the most successful applications. This came from Google+ and launched in 2015. Through it can exchange pictures and videos and store unlimited on Android, iOS devices and the browser on a computer. But if by mistake you deleted a photo or video this app lets you view and retrieve deleted photos and videos from Google Photos therefore has a backup in the cloud.

How to view and Recover deleted Photos and Videos Google Photos

However, it is essential to know what’s to it serves and how it works Google photos , so be familiar with their salient features; as it is easily search for pictures and videos, because it has an extraordinary way to analyze and organize images. At the same that gives you the option of download your photos or videos from Google Photos to your cell , so you can have better control and support of your time.

View and recover deleted photos and videos from Google Photos

The pictures and videos are part of our daily routine also let us remember great moments and re-live them. Therefore, it is important that you learn how you can recover them from Google Photos ; will explain the process:

Recovers photos and videos

To start the process of recovering deleted photos and videos from Google, you must do the following:

  • Sign with your Google account on your mobile, tablet or computer.
  • Go to the menu at the top left, you can identify with the three horizontal stripes; A drop-down menu appears where you must choose “ Trash” .
  • There you will see all the photos and videos you’ve removed ; with one exception: if you have already been more than 60 days that are in the trash will be permanently deleted
  • .

  • Now you can press or click on the image or video to retrieve and select the “Restore”.
  • In doing so the file will be moved back to the library or the application of mobile and you can watch it from your content again.

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If you can not see the photo or video , you may have more after 60 days in the trash; or also for having emptied the trash or having definitely or even eliminated for having deleted from the application on the phone or in your library without creating the backup. Therefore, create or make an automatic backup on Google Photos is 100% recommended.

Similarly you can also enable synchronization with google photos on your computer or mobile, not lose any files and so on have at your files, if any technological accident occurs.

Other ways to recover deleted photos or videos from Google Photos

If you emptied the bin or Google spent 60 days, we offer other alternative to recover photos and videos.

Software to retrieve data

There are different softwares that will allow you to recover files such as photos and videos, among others; usually they are very simple to use and does not have to be an expert computer, you just have to make sure that you choose one compatible with your operating system.

What you do is download and install the software on your PC, then connect your phone to the computer with the USB cable; now you start your device so that the software can recognize it and connect with it.

This type of software analyzes any deleted file and existing; you just have to find the photo or video you want to recover; To facilitate the search can make use of filters or choose the option “ Show only deleted files” . In the find just you need to click the “restore or recover”.

 woman taking pictures with mobile

Retrieve photos or videos through the support service Google Drive

If you have permanently deleted a photo or video from Google Photos, you can also use the service Google Drive support; since these files may remain there until 21 days after having been eliminated permanently; to recover photos and videos do the following:

  • Start your session with your account Google .
  • Go to Google Drive.
  • Choose from the top menu the help button, you can identify question mark “?”; there you can access the Help Center and Google Drive and you can describe the problem and have alternatives; can ask the wizard support to recover deleted photos and videos Google Photos .

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