How To Fix The Error 492 From The Google Play Store On Android Easily


If Google Play Store 492 error and do not know how to fix it appears to you, you come to the indicated place. Pay attention to all methods you present then so that manage to solve this problem on your android smartphone. So let’s look together the topic How to resolve the error 492 from the Google Play Store on Android today.

What is causing the error and 492 on Google Play

The error 492 is one of the “> , which usually appears when your mobile applications will fail to update either or app is not installed correctly determined, generating the error 492, which can become really annoying. & nbsp;

The error message that appears with the error 492 does not leave very clear what the appearance of it is due, however, it is presumed that this is often wrong to be caused by problems with the SD card, problems generated by the same app or cache.

A to try to resolve this error, it should be noted that as one does not know itself that generates, try to solve it depends on test several methods until one of them works.

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In view of this and to make it more comfortable for you, we will introduce all of these methods, so that all try to achieve 492 easily fix the error.

How to fix the error 492 from the Google Play Store on Android

Method 1: Format the SD card

If the problem causing the error 492 is due to a damaged SD card, the best will be formatted so that the problem is resolved. Of course, before starting this process must make a copy of all data within your SD card, since the format it will lose everything; or you can also learn how to format an SD card without losing files.

  1. To format your SD card on your Android phone, the first thing you do is go to your phone and enter the section Settings or Settings , inside drawer applications.
  2. In the Settings menu, slide to find the Storage section and click on this, and place yourself within this section the options that relate to your SD card.

  3. Now in the options or settings SD card Locate and select by clicking on the Format SD card or Erase SD card option, then press the button to confirm the deletion and wait for it to be formatted the card.

  4. After you format the SD card go to Google Play and see if the problem is resolved, otherwise it would be best Remove of the mobile SD card and return to Google Play to treat installing or updating the apps you want.

Method 2: Delete Cache & nbsp;

When the error 492 in Play Store sometimes simply delete cache both the application store itself as services Google Play, so let’s see how.

  • In the same way as the previous process on your mobile Android sees fit, then slide until you find the Applications section and then Application manager .

  • Swipe with your finger until you find the Google Play Store app and click on this; then go to delete data and confirm the action and click on the Clear cache button. Remember that the deleted data will be deleted permanently so files, settings, accounts, databases and stuff like that, but the clear the cache, not lose useful.

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  • Return to the Application Manager, but this time located the app and click Google Play services then click on the button I clear cache and cache will be removed immediately.
  • After you’ve done that, go back to Google Play and check that the error has been corrected 492 and again try to upgrade or install the apps you want.

Method 3: reinstall the app

One thing you can do is go to Google Play, stop any downloads you have on it and regain access to Google Play and make Install New the app you wanted to install.

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