Why I Can Not Download Applications From Play Store On Android? – Solution

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When we acquire a smartphone, like multiple applications plant, like MP3 player. Calendar, alarm, among others, but still want to have other applications. To do this, we use the virtual store Google Play Store but everything is not always rosy. That’s why in the next article will explain Why can not download apps from Google Play Store on Android?  . Solution

Play Store

This may seem inevitable, because through this virtual store,   we can have access to hundreds of applications.

And all the tools we need, such as games, flashlight, App bank messaging platform , etc. but unexpected problems can arise that can make the download never do.

Fortunately, there are solutions that can be applied in the absence of You can download the app from the Play Store . We will tell the causes and how to solve this very annoying situation and   It is as simple as delete search history Android Play Store, then read on and learn how to fix it.

Why not I download applications from Play Store on Android?

Problems like this are very varied and recurrent and solutions can become not so simple to achieve. But this tutorial we will try to tell you the best way to proceed before these errors occur.

We will say no errors displayed possible solutions and download for it. First, we start with 491 error and indicates that it is impossible to download or update. The solution can, under Settings, and accounts must enter the option to delete our account Google.

The next step is to restart your mobile, then add again our account, we will again in the settings. But now we choose applications and all and let us find and select Google Services . Now look for the option Clear data to delete all data ready, you must solve the problem.

Another mistake you can not download App

The next problem can present is the interruption Play Store download and   You can display the following error 498. To resolve this issue, it is necessary to empty the cache partition because it is full. To do this, we must first remove App obsolete or that we do not use it to free up space.

After that we can restart the phone in recovery mode and will finally empty the cache Partition and this should be the solution to this problem. Another problem that is caused by a Proxy 413 error is to solve this problem, proceed as follows. In the selection parameters of the Start menu, then Applications, then All.

Now we have to look for the Google Services and rely on Clear data, we will do the same steps with the Play Store. Finally, we must turn our web browser and we empty the cache. And this should be everything, so that this problem is solved and you can download the application you want.

Another common mistake is the 919 where everything seems to be fine with downloading, but that does not happen. The possible solution is free space on our mobile , since we have enough for discharge. Try deleting unused applications or delete information that takes up memory space.

 application download game store

The next error is 921 and this indicates that it is impossible to download an application and to solve this problem, we must do the following.

First try to clear the cache Read Store memory. If it is not resolved, try now delete your Google account, and then reload this should solve this problem.

As you can see, there are many problems that can occur when performing a download from the Play Store. And there, you could learn to Why can not I download applications from Play Store on Android?

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