How To Troubleshoot Problems Or Errors When It Does Not Let Google Play Account

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Errors in Google Play usually occur quite frequently, and in most cases, the solutions are simple. It may well be a misconfiguration on your device or maybe error failures of the internet.

The fact is that these messages annoying server error without connection , or just the screen goes blank prevent us access the Play Store, and therefore can not download anything.

There are multiple failures that may occur in Google Play , each reflecting a particular code, but mostly solutions are often similar.

If you have time unable to access the Play Store and your device has any of these errors, do not worry. Do not think that your phone was ruined much less, perhaps the fault is as simple as that you came and you have not connected the mobile data; However, we will leave a list of errors possible with their solutions.

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Solutions to common errors Google Play

As mentioned earlier, many of the errors that can occur Google Play have common solutions . This is a great advantage because sometimes you can solve more than one error on your device with the same solution. Some of the methods to fix such problems are as follows.

Clear cache

When some malfunctions, application recommended to clear the cache to solve possible problems. This usually fix, in most cases any malfunction of an application.

To clear the cache of Google Play must go to Settings from the menu and then look for the application option. It will go down to get Google Play Store, enter it and select the option that says Clear Cache or delete data .

It is recommended that cache Google Play services . After doing that, we can probably safely enter the application.

Update application

The applications are taking new and improved versions. If you start to have problems to access Google Play, probably because an old version of the app.

Google Play has a configuration where updates will be downloaded only if you are connected to a WiFi network or even via your mobile data, check configuration and allows updating . Perhaps after that you can access normally.

Reinstall Google Play

If your device is rooted can Uninstall Google Play , otherwise it will not be possible. Elimar this app and reinstall it will download the latest version, in theory, you can access the application again.

Common Errors in Google Play

Google store has a large number of possible errors that can occur at any time. The most common are usually:

  • Error Package File Invalid
  • Authentication Error
  • Failed to retrieve information from the server

Error Package File Invalid

This is an error that occurs when the application itself is faulty. To resolve this issue go to Settings, select the application, there searches Google Play and delete data from it.

With this, the conflict of application information shall be dealt with and can normally access.

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Authentication Error

This error is common when there is a bad linking Google has application . To troubleshoot authentication you must delete the Google account you have on your device.

For this you must go to phone settings and press on the Google option. Once pressed into ‘Manage your Google Account’ then give you search and select delete. account

Once you complete this procedure, you add your account again and the error should no longer appear.

Error to retrieve information from the server

This error occurs during a download of an application, when Google’s servers can not successfully connect to your account.

To solve this problem delete your Google account , once you do delete the cache of Google Play and add your account again and you should normally enter.

Other common errors that are solved with restart the device or application data are:

  • Error 101
  • Error 492
  • Error 500
  • Error 905

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