How To Fix The Df-Bpa-30 Error To Process A Purchase On The Play Store

A variety of errors occur, for example errors in the app store Google Play Store when will not let you get into your account, or mandatory authentication error , among others. As for mistakes, today we’ll talk about the DF-BPA-30 error Play Store, so pay attention to the issue.

How to fix the DF-BPA-30 error to process a purchase on the Play Store

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What is the DF-BPA-30 error Play Store

This is an error that can be really annoying for users, because it prevents that they can buy applications from the store Play Store. When this error occurs, appears on the screen of the mobile a message notifying that there was an ‘error in the purchase process “from the app store.

Note that this type of single error appears when you perform the app purchases must be paid , ie, when downloading free apps is technically impossible that this error.

It is important to note that although the error message appears on the mobile user, this error is not generated problems with mobile, but rather is generated directly from the app store. Although repeatedly technicians behind the famous Play Store app store have tried to eliminate the occurrence of this error, they have not.

How to fix the DF-BPA-30 error to process a purchase on the Play Store

Method 1: Clear the cache and data of Play Store

This is a very practical method that has worked many, since temporary or cache files Play Store may be those that create the error, so there simply delete them.

  • To delete the cache Play Store and services Play Store first thing to do is locate the settings on your phone, then go to Applications Application Manager
  • Find the app called Google Play Services, click on this and click the Delete button cache, then similarly seeking Google Play Store app.
  • Click on this and then the Clear Data button to the pressing you a message notifying appear that if you delete this data will be deleted, permanently all files, settings, accounts, databases , between others. Tap Delete and ready, then below this option press the Delete button’ve already deleted cache and cache the Play Store.

Method 2: Remove and re-add the account Google Play

clear the cache and data of play store

Sometimes the problem lies in your Google account, the best you can do is remove it from your mobile and then add it again, doing what you indicate below:

  • Go to Settings on your phone and go to the Accounts section which is under the Personal section within mobile.
  • Then click on the Google option and select your account Google Play Store anchored, then you will see all your mobile settings that are synchronized with your Google account.
  • Look at the top right of the screen, click More Remove account , then you will appear on the screen a message for you confirm the action, click Delete, and your Google Account will be deleted from the mobile.
  • Finally restart your phone and when you turn back to add Google account to mobile, then returns to access the Play Store and try to buy payment apps you want to see if the DF-BPA-30 has disappeared. Error
what is the df bpa 30 error play store

Method 3: Buy the app from the Play Store online

This is a method that is in fact one of the most worked, you have to do is access the Play Store from the internet to your browser preferred and log into your account.

Then begins the process of purchasing the app and see you appears the error message DF-BPA-30, you can now go to re-download the app from the Play Store on mobile the error must have been resolved, allowing make the purchase of apps you wish without this error.

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