Has Stopped Google Play Services Application -Solution

All users of mobile devices running Android operating systems must know the different Google Play services. offers

Through this platform can download games, App, books, movies, etc. but sometimes certain errors occur such as certain applications not appear . That is why in the next tutorial will teach you to do when has stopped Google Play Services application, the solution.

has stopped the Google Play Application Services -Solution

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In previous installments, we’ve helped solve problems that have to do with services google Play. Like when you can not get into the account or things like that are simple to solve.

is that many users of this platform have received this message on their smart phones puzzling will not let you download any application or use of the various services it offers. So how to solve this unfortunate problem? That we suggest you keep reading and know the steps you must take to fix it.

 google play service

has stopped applying Google Play services

Although it may not seem so, reach the solution of this problem is very simple really, when has stopped Google Play services application, you must do the following. First you must head to the Settings section on your mobile phone, after pressing this option, you must find the Applications option and notifications.

He put pressure on it, will direct us to another window with this name, and here we select the Apps option. Once inside this window, we move to the end to find the Google Play Services option . We will press on this option to enter settings depending on the phone and find the next option.

memory or storage and we must put pressure on this option, the do this, enter your window and now we must select Clear cache or Clear cache . As I discussed, this option may vary depending on the mobile phone you have, to the press on this option, erase or delete the information contained therein was made.

After you’ve finished, you must restart your mobile device and this action should theoretically solve the problem that has stopped the application of Google Play services. But if the operation just to show you, I did not solve your problem, then do not worry we’ll show another possible solution.

Second method to solve when the service has stopped implementing Google Play

In this case, we re-enter the Settings section, we seek to be in the option Users and Accounts. A pressure making this option to enter your window and find now the Google option. Select it and we have to delete , then restart the phone again.

Once your phone has rebooted, we will go in and create a new Google account . And so you would have to solve the problem that we He has stopped the application of Google Play services. But if this procedure does not work and continues with the same problems, we still have something to do.

The latter solution to this problem, it is something a little more extreme and is reset your device to the factory settings . Depending on each device, you will find options that allow you to reset your phone. And with this action the problem has been presenting rate and causing you a real headache solved.

And so, we have offered three different ways to solve a problem that seemed unsolvable. I want to note that you’re likely to get the solution with the first two methods that you offered and not necessary to apply the third method. Since this is very end and lead to losing your accounts, applications and files are not protected.

 stopped application

And thus we concluded a more tutorial that teach you the various methods should be applied when has stopped applying Google Play services . Can apply it and hope you solve this unexpected problem forever on your mobile.

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