Updating Google Play Store Shop To The Latest Version For Free

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Google Play or Play Store, gives us the ease of download or rent movies game, application, books, music, movies and more. This shop is available for any device that has Android operating system. It also offers a good quality service, in which download and install an application, it is very simple and intuitive.

Updating the Store Google Play Store to the latest version for free

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Usually, we are used to most app is automatically updated or sometimes must be done manually. Given that such updates occur both in the applications default brings your mobile, such as where you install manually through the Play Store.

However, it is also possible to upgrade shop Google Play Store , and thus obtain the latest version in all categories, but the best thing is a totally free process. So if you do not yet know how to do, do not worry, because then I’ll give all the details.

How to know the version of Google Play Store you have installed?

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If you already have downloaded Google Play Store and installed on your mobile , it is necessary that before upgrading your store Google Play Store verify that version is installed on your device.

This is important because usually Google performs various tests on the App Store, therefore, this may cause in some cases users can get the new tools or options and in other cases, although in both cases are using the same version.

For this reason, even if found not to have the latest version, it is recommended to make sure. To do this, you must do the following:

  • The first thing is to enter the Settings system
  • Once there, go to the section on Applications
  • Immediately the list of app you have installed on your device appears.
  • Click Google Play Store
  • Finally, you must go down to the end of the menu and find the version you have installed the application.

Then and being sure the current version of the store, you can proceed with the upgrade.

Update Google Play Store shop to the latest version for free

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Normally the Android app store receives automatic or silent updates . That is, do not notify us that was recently updated, therefore, users most often discover for themselves the changes that are widespread within it.

However, waiting for the store to update itself, can be a tedious process, since we have no idea when I do and while we are squandering the latest trends. It is for this reason that it is best to update it manually . Given that is a very simple procedure, but not only that, but it is also free.

Probably you’re wondering What is upgrade shop Google Play Store? Basically it helps us save time and quickly get new options offered by the store. In this way we will have the best versions of the store, as for all applications.

Steps to update the Google Play Store shop to the latest version for free

  • Enter the Play Store on your device
  • Then do click the drop-down menu that is located in the upper left corner
  • Then click on Settings
  • Once there, he listed several options, including version Store
  • Then, you only press on Version . If it is updated immediately pop a window indicating that Google Play Store is updated appears.
  • In this way, Google Play checks for a recent version and if you do not count on it, he immediately updated automatically. While if you already have it, the notification pop-up window appears.

Undoubtedly this upgrade procedure is very simple, but it is very significant to get the best and latest applications offered by this store.

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