How To View The History Of All My Applications On The Google Play Android?

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For many people, applications are what really bring life to your smartphone. Because without them there would be much difference these devices with phones that appeared at the beginning of the century, therefore, is paramount that can be saved .

And they are not just games, although they often relate to it. There are also applications that are responsible for managing time, there are applications that are used to carry a stopwatch in the case of musicians, among others.

Therefore, the platform most used worldwide for discharging the same « Google Play Store has different options and tools to make such registration or saved. Truly worth to be studied by users

What it is Google Play?

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Google Play Store can be considered as the largest and efficient online store downloading and installation application for devices with Android operating system . To which reach thousands of users per day, research, navigation and installation of tools and/or games that can be enabled or disabled.

Some applications are displayed on the platform for free , and in turn, there are also applications that require a payment to the facility, the amount of which can be seen from the initial interface. This factor often depends on the developer of the same.

So it is normal for new users on the issue, the next question free apps not earn income are formulated really ?, if obtained, although not directly. This is because many of them show advertising other companies, which earn profits.

What is the history of installed applications?

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The history of installed applications is one of several tools which we have the platform Play Store. With which we can gain access to the name, developer information, weight and other data between applications.

It is important to understand that to access the history Play Store, you must have an account register. Regularly, people use their email account Gmail, since the same is much easier to make that record.

What other functions can be found in the Google Play?

Among the features you can find in the Google Play Store are the charts and categories , the first is attributed to a list where games and applications appear more download by users, and the second is a filter by categories to improve search.

Although this platform is not limited to just that, there is also a section of movies and books . The problem is that most of the content in this area are paid, it is very rare that there is one totally free, and therefore does not tend to draw the attention of users.

How do I view the history of all my applications on the Google Play Android?

To access the history of installed apps on the Play Store must first open the program . Then we click the three horizontal lines found in the upper left side of the screen, and the new menu select the option «My apps and games»

Note that, in the new screen will be 3 tabs, the first one that says «updates» , the second that says «Installed» and the third that says ‘library’ . Select the second option and automatically we will see a list of all installed applications with that user.

This tool is incredibly useful for preventing losses, as sometimes happens when devices need a format and had no prior opportunity to save all applications. Therefore, if this will happens, you know where to find again these applications.

Finally, we hope this article has helped him help. However, we like to know your opinion, you have been able to see the history of all applications installed on the GooglePlay ? Do you know another method to perform this procedure? Leave your answers in the comments.

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