Using Google Translate As Free Proxy Server Step By Step

 google translate free proxy server

Today, we will see Google Translate using without proxy server this simple step by step tutorial is it possible? Let’s see then.

Every so often we find that a site is not accessible. It usually happens when we are at work or college. As they decide to block social networks, among others to prevent your connection is used for these purposes.

In work environments is quite common that many sites are blocked to prevent moments of “ Entertainment employees and they focus on the work, to be productive. Basically we are fulfilling our role, after all, what we have committed.

You must be very careful in this regard, because many companies have several ways to track the traffic on their computers. Therefore, to achieve this in a hours re risking your job, we should warn you before beginning this tutorial. This means that if you go ahead and is simply and solely your responsibility.

How to use Google Translate as a proxy server

Obviously, there are many tools that allow us to avoid such restrictions . Although the ideal is to have a method that is simpler and faster. does not require any software ideal, because in that case we would also need permission to install applications and could cause us problems.

Something very easy to do is use Google Translate as proxy and gain access to those sites that have been blocked. So we filled the site from the same Google servers.

What we need to do is open Google Translate, you can open the main site of the search engine and options found in the upper right corner to select.

 google translate logo

Now we have to choose the left side of our language and the English right (may be the language you want, but not the same site) now what we will do is paste the URL website that you want to translate .

Now load the whole site translated into the language in question. But from the Google server. This actually means that we always use the same translator, we are not on another website, which usually works very well to bypass restrictions.

Use Google as a proxy server traslate

What you should consider is that it does not work to bypass blockages in some countries. If it is not used to skip blocks locally. If what you want is to get into sites that are blocked in your country, you must use a VPN .

Thanks to a virtual private network can not simply ignore the blocks. But also the Encrypt traffic, which means you browse anonymously in another country other than your own.

 google translate icon white

Another thing to note is that if you want to make your workplace, the best thing is that you do not . Remember that there are many ways to monitor employee activity and can be grounds for dismissal.

Therefore, ideally during the hours you spend on it leaving aside all the leisure time. If you decide to continue, I have to do it at your own risk, for our part, we have already been warned.

Shelved this, remember – that if you have any kind of questions about the use of Google Translate as proxy server can leave it in the comments box you can find a little more down and be happy to help in whatever is needed.

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