To Activate And Enable Theme Or Dark Way Google Calendar And Google Keep

 Google Calendar and Google keep dark mode

Many Google applications are being updated and putting in the forefront enable the dark theme. Well now you can activate the obscurely in various applications of your mobile Android . And it is that Google Calendar and Google Keep also offer this feature. This article will tell you how to activate and enable Google Calendar dark mode and Google Keep and what specifically are these applications.

How to Activate and Enable Theme or obscurely in Google Calendar and Google Keep

Activate and enable obscurely in Google Keep and Google Calendar

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These applications were created, like many others, to help you simplify your life; in the case of Google Keep, helps you organize all your personal information and ideas through text notes or images; that it can be synchronized with Google Drive; so that you can access it wherever you are, knowing who will be in safe storage.

Also this application can help you create notifications or reminders;. can make you remember them on the day and time you want it in two days, a week and so on

 dark mode in Google calendar

On the other hand, Google Calendar is an excellent application of calendar and electronically where you can synchronize your Gmail contacts with the app, so you can invite them or share events with them. In addition, can attach files or connect to a Google Calendar event ; as well as add notes and events to remember, adding short subjects to be made easier to remember.

Furthermore, you can adapt the way you view your calendar, can be weekly, monthly or as calendar, as you prefer. And now, for these two excellent applications it has also been adapted the new dark interface mode, discover how in simple steps.

Google Calendar and Google Keep

The first thing to do is enter the Google Calendar app and go to the part of settings in General a list appears of configurations that can perform, including Themes where you can choose between light, dark or set depending on battery saving; select the second option and it will be ready the calendar with the dark theme, with dates and notes highlighted in blue green colors.

If Google Keep, you must also enter the application, open the drop-down menu in the upper left, and go to settings and in options display see several available configurations, including is enable the dark theme, that the same as the previous application, you dark background theme appears, letters blue and white.

 google obscurely keep
Remember to activate this new interface brings benefits obscurely; Besides it is more pleasing to the eye, helps to prevent vision problems by exposing long with bright white and blue screens, so also reduce issues of impaired sleep by exposing that shine before bedtime; So that side is a good reason to have dark matter.

Another benefit of the dark mode enable your iPhone to save your battery is give long life to your mobile. Well, if you go to the battery balancing, you’ll see that what most consumes you the stack is the white glow of the screen, so you will save up to 60% of the battery, we is not bad.

So in these ways so simple can turn dark mode Google Calendar and Google Keep some applications that can not miss on your phone, it will help organize all activities daily you have to make.

Also, do not forget to activate this interface can be of great benefit for both your eyes and dream, the same as for saving battery of your mobile phone. If you liked this article, do not forget to leave your comments at the bottom of the page.

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