How To Configure Security For My Google Account? -Step By Step

Today we’ll show how to set up my Google account step by step so that in this way can be completely sure that no one can enter it. Even if you know the password.

Google offers a lot of services: Google Maps, YouTube, Google Docs, Drive, Gmail, Play Store, etc. All these services are accessible through a Google account, which most people believe mainly for Gmail.

However, it is essential to maintain the safety of our own to the maximum to prevent anyone to enter it. Often have sensitive information such as credit card to buy apps and games in the Play Store, work emails, etc.

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Therefore, it is very important that best security of your Google Account as soon as possible. Best of all is that the Internet giant gives you all the necessary options to a single paragraph in a simple way. Certainly this is something you should consider along with actions such as make a backup of all emails from Gmail .

Here you can configure various methods to keep your account completely safe and that practically no one can enter it. Even if you know the password.

Let’s get a little more in detail below. Where you try to explain in detail what each one of the options that Google offers us to improve the security of Gmail the advantages and why should apply.

It is a detailed guide and short, so quickly you have it clear that you must do so no one can access your account and thus avoid putting in any danger your personal information, which is very important today. So, let’s begin.

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How to improve the safety of my Google account


Obviously the first thing we’re going to have to focus on is the password. One mistake many people is have a key too simple . The idea is to make it as complex as possible. It is best to use combinations. Lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers and signs

Another thing you should avoid are personal data and numeric passwords too easy to guess, while we have less to do with the password, the better. In addition, it is recommended that every so often (couple of months) the change.

However, if you still have questions, you can create a secure and easy to remember following our advice.

Use your phone to access

If you want to significantly improve safety in your Google account, activate «your phone to access Use» option is what you need it.

If you have problems with your number, remember that you can always change the phone number of Gmail .

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Setting up Google account

Two-step verification

This is a way to shield the account and make it totally safe. And it is that even someone guessing your password, there may also enter. The reason? Because every time you log will be sent an access code to your mobile phone.

If this access code is entered, can not use the account . No matter if the person you are trying to access is password. Without that code, it is impossible.

We consider it a very efficient protection method to set Google account security, so we also recommend use two-step verification Twitter and other social platforms

Verify your identity

It is important that keep updated all data from your account . This way if something happens like forget the password or lose your mobile device go to recover your account.

Google provides you with all the tools to help you keep your account completely secure. It’s a matter of paying a little attention to the options presented to us by the giant Google.

Not for nothing complicated improve the safety of our own, in a few minutes you will achieve to have a few safety barriers to prevent anyone from entering achieve your Google account.

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